Are There Angels?


Are There Angels

Are There Angels?

Ernie had been seventeen in 1961 when stationed in the United States Air Force in Germany.

Being in the Air Force had an advantage over the Army to a young man because he received what was then called a “Class A” pass which gave him the right to go off base anytime he wanted to as long as he was not scheduled to work.

His job on base was in an office and being the junior man he worked the night shift five evenings a week which gave him three full days off since on the third day he did not go to work until midnight.

On his days off he would take the bus into Frankfort, Germany, the closest city to Rhine-Main Base.

After being stationed at the base a few months, he was speaking with another airman who said that he had a car for sale for $50.00 American money. Ernie took interest in that statement and looked the car over.

Not knowing anything about cars he tried nevertheless to make it look like he had some knowledge, as did as he had seen on television. He kicked the tires, looked over the body, and started the car. The ignition turned over; Ernie was was happy and he paid the fifty dollars. He now was the proud owner of a 1939 black Ford.

Insurance never entered his mind. He knew nothing about insurance. The car ran, he owned it, what more could he want?

.Of course. There was something else.

He needed a driver’s license.

He went to the Air Police and obtained a military driver’s license and while there, he was told that the State Of Ohio would send him a driver’s license for a $5.00 fee with no exam. This was a courtesy to all servicemen.

Ernie took the address and that day he sent five dollars in cash to the State of Ohio; in the meantime, he could use his military driver’s license.

About two weeks later he received his license from Ohio.

Until then he had been driving the car and all seemed OK except that he had to put in more oil than gas. Had it not been for a friend, he would not have known to put oil in the car at all.

One day he was driving through the base when he pulled up to a friend who was walking along the road. Ernie offered him a ride.

The car was smoking badly and his friend, who was several years older, said that Ernie should watch the oil level because he was burning oil which was creating all of the smoke. Ernie asked to be shown what to do and his friend did just that and they found that the oil was down about two quarts. After that Ernie kept checking the oil level each day and every few days he would add a quart of oil.

One evening Ernie and three other men went out drinking and having a good time. They drove into the city of Frankfort, Germany, and had a few beers, but Ernie only had two because he was driving and didn’t want to take any chances of getting into trouble.

About 10 PM when they started back to the base, it was snowing and the air was freezing. In some areas, the snow was just turning into ice as soon as it hit the ground. They were outside of the city and made a turn at the top of a hill. They started down the hill. At the foot of the hill, there was a “T” crossing where it was necessary to choose to go right or left, but it was not possible to go straight because it would mean driving off a mountain that had about a 1600 foot elevation.

It was indeed, a very hazardous roadway.

Ernie was driving and the car started going a little fast so he stepped on the brake.


He kept pumping and pumping, but nothing happened. The car was coming to the crossroad at the bottom of the hill and Ernie thought they were all going to be killed.

Somehow, though, his hands were thrown from the steering wheel, the wheel turned all the way to the left and froze The car reached the bottom of the hill. It crossed the road and just stopped short.  It went from a high speed to an instant stop.

Ernie was frightened, relieved, amazed, and happy all at the same time.

Ernie and the other men got out of the car and looked over the edge of the mountain. They looked at the front tires that were turned at a ninety percent angle to the left. These tires had actually saved all their lives by acting as the brakes.

To the present day, Ernie still thought of that incident and wondered who or what had turned that steering wheel because he knew that he did not do it. he wasn’t even touching the wheel; it seemed to have been taken out of his hands, Could this unknown have been an angel who took the wheel and controlled the car?

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