Alex Eversen – First Love (18+)


Alex Eversen

Alex Eversen – First Love

Ah, the adolescent years when the traumas of school form everlasting habits and personal traits that last a lifetime. For Alex, they were troubled and challenging years. You see, Alex Eversen was the “pretty boy” target of the bullies.

Get out of here faggot!” roared an eighth-grade boy at Alex, “nobody wants you on their team. Go play with the girls where you belong, you sissy!”

Alex looked hurt, but two of the boys pushed him to the ground and kicked him just as he started to retreat. Tears began to well up in his eyes as he got up, turned, and ran away. Once again, he had been rejected.

The gray steel bleachers were cold that day, but on them, he could be alone. The first long seat was where he usually sat during recess, the first seat, the one nearest the black gravel track that encircled the football field. From there, he could see the other students playing kickball. From there, he could watch and wish that someday they might accept him. Such a wish was futile, and he knew it. They would never accept a “swishy sissy fag” as a friend. It would make them look un-cool. Every recess went like that. The other children played games while Alex sat alone, feeling worthless.

Sometimes, even the girls made fun of him, but one eighth-grader felt sorry for the outcast in sixth grade. She had been made fun of for being blonde, being a little taller, and for being much more physically developed than the other girls her age, and she knew the emotional hurt such cruel remarks caused. A tinge of pain shot through her heart every time she witnessed an attack on the school’s “pretty boy,” but, like the rest of the students, she kept her distance.

When the bell rang, everyone headed back to their classrooms, and several boys spotted Alex walking alone. “Hey Dave,” said one of them. “I beat up the sissy yesterday. You wanna do it today?”
“Naw, I’m bored with that. He goes down on the first punch. That’s no fun.”
“Yeah, I guess. Hey, wait, I know. Let’s get one of the girls to beat him up. That’ll be cool! Come on. Dana will do it. She hates everyone!”

“We don’t have time for all that, Joey. Let’s just knock him down again on the way in. Okay?”
“Yeah… okay, Dave. Come on. He’s over there in the crowd. Hurry up before he gets to the door.”
They pushed their way through the other students toward Alex, who was just a few steps in front of Sarah but, as they passed her and reached out to push him, she decided she’d had enough. Her right foot went out, and David splattered face-first to the ground. Then she spun around to her left with an outstretched arm knocking Joey down on his back. The commotion caught the attention of everyone nearby, and they all started laughing and mumbling, “Way to go, Sarah!”

When Alex turned and saw his would-be attackers on the ground, he stammered, “What happ… ––” but before he could finish, David sprang to his feet to attack Sarah. “Hey, leave her alone, you jerk,” yelled Alex in his girlish voice. The pretty boy’s attempt to protect Sarah surprised everyone.

The bullies looked at each other, brushed themselves off, and turned toward Alex. Dave put his hands on his hips and roared, “And what are you gonna do about it, you useless faggot piece of shit?”
“Yeah,” yelled Joey, “and after we wipe the ground with your ass, we’ll take care of the bitch! She’s gonna wish she never came to school today!”

Alex’s face went white when they closed in to grab him, but suddenly, Sarah reached out from behind. Her right hand clamped around Dave’s neck, fingertips digging into his throat. Then her left hand seized Joey in the same manner, and before they could react, she put her feet behind theirs and pulled them backward. Their eyes opened wide. Their arms flailed high in the air as they toppled toward the ground, but she wasn’t finished. On their way down, she let go, spun around, and punched them in the throat with the heel of her hand. There was an audible thud as their backs hit the concrete walkway, and a rasping gurgling sound could be heard as they clutched their throats, gasping for air. Both school bullies had finally been defeated… by a girl.

The other children near the altercation stood in silence until Sarah walked over to Alex, put her arm around him, and grinned at the two boys squirming on the ground. Then, everyone laughed, applauded, and continued back to class. Perhaps one of the teachers would find David and Joey in their embarrassingly defeated state, but no one would ever tell what really happened. When asked, the students would say, “Don’t know. Maybe they were fighting each other.”

As they walked together, Alex looked up at the tall, pretty blonde and said, “Thanks Sarah but…, why did you help me? Everyone hates me! Your friends might think you’re not cool if you’re around me.”

“I don’t hate you, Alex, and I’ve had enough of those jerks. They’re assholes who think they can do anything they want and get away with it because everyone’s afraid of them.”

“Yeah, but you’re like the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen. I don’t want your friends to make fun of you for helping me.”
Sarah laughed. “Don’t worry about it. I don’t have any real friends anyway. The only thing people want me for is to play basketball. Besides, a lot of the girls think you’re kinda cute, including me. Do you really think I’m pretty?”
Alex’s face turned bright red. “They do? You-you’re kidding… right?”

“Nope, I’m not kidding!”
“Wow… That’s, wow, I never would have thought ––” He cleared his throat and looked into her eyes. “And yeah, you’re like the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen!”

Sarah looked down at him and smiled. “Aww, that is so sweet. Why didn’t you ever say anything?”

Flushed with deep embarrassment, he looked at the ground and mumbled, “It’s, well, you know. Like you’re the prettiest girl in the school, and I’m a nothing um –– I’ve always had a crush on you, but why would you ever notice someone like me?”
“What do you mean like you? Come on; class is starting. After school, wait for me, and I’ll walk home with you so those jerks won’t get any ideas about revenge. Okay?”

“Well, yeah, wow, thanks, Sarah. Thanks a lot!”

For the rest of that year, Sarah and her friends protected Alex and convinced him he was not a disgusting freak. The other boys became envious that he got to hang out with the school’s “hotties,” and once again, he started to smile. From that time forward, nearly all his friends were girls, but he never forgot the pretty tall blonde who befriended him in sixth grade. She was in his dreams for a very, very long time indeed.

By his twenty-first birthday, Alex had dated a few girls, but his crush from sixth grade still lingered. He was playing in a weekend band during his junior year of college, and they had just gotten on stage for another set when he glanced at the crowd and saw a tall blonde woman in a long black dress. He squinted, stared, and for several seconds, he was motionless.

“Hey, come on, Alex, we’re on!” yelled the drummer to break his trance.
“Oh, sorry,” he replied, shaking his head and hands to ready himself. “Okay, Go!”

Click, click, click, click, the drummer’s sticks cued the start of their first song, people got up to dance, and the set was underway. As usual, Alex played his parts very well, but he kept scanning the audience for the mysterious girl in the black dress. Could it be… he thought. She was very tall and very blonde, and all he could do was hope it was Sarah.

They were on the last song of their set when she danced past the front of the stage. The long slit in her dress occasionally revealed her beautiful long legs’ sensual movements, and Alex was enthralled. Whether or not this was the girl he hadn’t seen in ten years, she was absolutely stunning, and his eyes focused on her until she disappeared into the crowd. When they finished the set, the rest of the band left the stage, but Alex sat at the keyboard, in a trance, scanning the audience, looking for his long-lost crush from school.

“Hey, buddy, what’s wrong? You look wiped!”
Alex shook himself out of his dream and replied, “Oh, it’s nothing, Frank. I thought I saw someone I knew.”
“Okay, cool… so…? Come on, let’s go find her. I know it has to be a ‘her’ from the look on your face.”
“Ha, ha, Frank. Let’s go get a drink. I’m parched.”

On their way to the bar, he continued to look all around for the blonde, hoping, wishing, and wondering. “Hey guys, the usual…?” said the bartender as they sat down. “Oh Alex, I almost forgot,” she continued, “…the girl in the black dress bought you a drink. What’ll it be?”
His pulse began to climb. “Oh, uh, what girl?”
“The really tall blonde in the slinky black dress that was asking about you during your set, hey, if you don’t want her, I’ll take her, and I’m not even gay. She’s fucking gorgeous!”

“Way to go!” said Frank slapping Alex on the shoulder. “Looks like you’ll be busy tonight.”
“Ha, Frank’s got your number, Alex. She’s way over at that last table in the corner. Go see her, and I’ll have a waitress bring your drinks over.”

“Oh, okay. Thanks, Jessi. I’ll have my usual club soda. Um, is she drinking anything special? Who’s she with?”
“Another blonde girl, look, don’t worry, sweetie. I’ll send drinks for her and her friend too. Just go!”

Jessie and Frank laughed at the red flush on Alex’s face as he froze, so Frank grabbed his shoulders, turned him toward the mysterious woman’s table, and gave him a push. “Go on, buddy. I saw her dancing, and she’s really hot! Go…! Go, go, go, will ya…! Get outta here!”
Each step Alex took toward the dark corner of the club made his heart pound faster, his breathing deeper and more labored. Unable to see past all the people milling around, the anticipation of who the mystery woman might be was driving him mad. He tried to hurry through the audience, but the necessary courtesy stops were slowing him down. It was always that way but wooing the fans was also part of the job.

“I love your music,” said one girl. “Yeah, it’s totally cool to dance to,” said another. “Can I buy you a drink,” asked a third? Their boyfriends appeared disgusted at their dates’ attempts to get a little one-on-one time with the performer and usually interjected some rude remarks to bolster their masculinity.

“Hey, do you pluck your eyebrows?” asked one of the men. “Naw, he probably has them done in a beauty parlor,” said another as they looked at each other and laughed. If they were trying to impress their girlfriends, it backfired.
“Oh, you guys are such assholes sometimes. Sorry, Alex. Don’t mind them.” Then she glared at her date and blustered, “They’re still trying to pass fifth grade… and they’re flunking!”

Alex took a step back and smiled. “Sorry. Look, I didn’t mean to cause any trouble.”
“You didn’t. We’ll be back next week…” ––She turned to glare at her date.–– “… without these macho assholes!”
Alex held up a hand, said “Thanks,” and all three girls blew him a kiss. After a few more less hostile stops, he finally reached the last table in the corner.

Both girls looked up as he approached. “Hi, I’m Sarah,” said the mysterious blonde before Alex could even open his mouth. “This is Stacy. I’m glad you came over. You really remind me of someone I knew a long time ago. What’s your name?”
For a moment, Alex was speechless. Could this be the same Sarah he remembered from sixth grade? “H-hi…um… Sarah,” he stammered. “Thanks for the drink. Hi Stacy, nice to meet you too.”

“Come on, sit with us, um… is it, Alex?”
“Yeah, my name is Alex.” He was still fumbling his words, almost stuttering. “S-sorry. I just… it’s just that you remind me of someone I knew a long time ago too.”
“Did you go to Johnson Elementary School?”
“Yeah, I did. Did you?”
“I knew it!” Sarah squealed with a huge grin. “See, Stacy, I told you it looked like him! You were in sixth grade when I kicked those two jerks’ asses!”
“Oh wow!” he exclaimed. That was me. You saved me that year!”
Sarah’s eyes opened wide, and with a huge smile, she jumped up, wrapped her arms around him, and squealed, “Oh-my-God…Alex… Alex, Alex, Alex…! It is you! This is so cool. I can’t believe it! I’ve always wondered what happened to you!” Then she grabbed his shoulders and held him at arms’ length. “God, you look so good!” Still holding his shoulders, she pulled him close and began kissing his forehead, cheeks, nose, eyes, and lips. “I’ve missed you so much. You were so sweet and so…” Then suddenly, she backed away, fanned her face, and, with a slightly embarrassed expression, added, “Um, I’m sorry. I just, well, this is such a great surprise that I just ––”
Alex’s face had now gone from the white of fear and nervousness to the flush of happy anticipation, and Stacy didn’t know whether to laugh or just stare in awe.

“I-I’m, I’m just so excited to see you, Alex. I didn’t mean to attack you like that. It’s just that –– ”
Alex interrupted her stammering with a finger to her lips. “Oh Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, you have no idea how great it is to see you again. I never forgot about you. You were the best friend I ever had!”

Standing two feet apart, they held hands and gazed at each other, smiling and flushed with excitement. Stacy propped her chin in her hands, watched their display of affection for a few seconds, and then grabbed her purse.
“Well, it looks like you’ll be busy tonight, Sarah. Nice to meet you, Alex, and I see that you come up to just about her breasts. She likes that.” As if they had heard nothing, their gaze remained unbroken, so Stacy put her hand on Sarah’s shoulder and said, “So, I’ll be leaving now!” And finally, they noticed.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Stace, It’s just that ––”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah, don’t worry about it, Sarah. I’ve never seen a look like that on your face before. This Alex guy must be something really special. Ten years, wow, you guys must have done it really young!”

“Oh, we didn’t ever… Are you talking about sex, Stace? We were in grammar school then. We never had sex!”
“Ha, okay, but the looks on your faces are like two long-lost lovers. Alex, she’s been my best friend for five years, and I’ve never seen her act this way! I don’t know what you’ve got, but it must be totally excellent!”

“Well,” mumbled Alex with a sheepish expression, “I always did have a huge crush on her.”
Sarah grinned and looked back at Alex. “You too…?” And once again, their eyes were locked together.
Stacy rolled her eyes and laughed. “Night, guys,” she said. “Have fun, And get a room, will ya!”
“Awww…, Stacy, honey, don’t go!”
“No, no, no, don’t try to stop me, Sarah. You two obviously have a lot of catching up to do, and you don’t need me here to chaperone. Besides, I’ve got a lot to do tomorrow. Now give me a kiss, say goodnight and have fun with your new, or rather your old boyfriend. But I want to hear every single juicy detail tomorrow! Are we cool?”

The girls hugged and kissed with more than just a little friendly peck, and then Sarah said, “Thanks, sweetie. I won’t be too late; I don’t think.” Another kiss with a big ‘Muwaaaa’ sound, and Stacey left.

“She’s right, you know,” said Alex as they watched Stacy disappear in the crowd.

Sarah looked down at him. “Right about what?”
Alex looked down at Sarah’s shoes, then back up to her eyes. “I come up to about your breasts. We’d look kinda silly dancing.”
Sarah burst out laughing, grabbed Alex, and pulled him into her chest. “But she was also right when she said I like it this way. That’s why I wear six-inch heels. God… you are still so adorable. I just can’t believe it. Come on. Tell me all about yourself. What have you been doing all these years?”

“I’m still in school. I’m a junior. Let’s sit down so I can look into your eyes instead of up at them. God, you are even more beautiful than I remembered, Sarah!”
“Awwww, you really think so?”
For over an hour, they laughed and joked and generally caught up on each other’s past, and finally, lightly grasping Alex’s hands, Sarah said, “Okay, my beautiful friend from school, I need a ride home. Do you have a car, or should I get a taxi?”

“I’ll take you. My car’s not much, but it’ll get us there.”
“Are you sure? I haven’t told you where I live yet.”
“I don’t care if it’s in east podunk; I’d love to take you home.”

Sarah laughed and hugged him again. “Okay, let’s go. It’s actually not that far, and it’s on the way to your college. Oh, wait!” She stopped and pulled out a mobile phone. “I’d better call Stacy and let her know we’re coming.”

“You guys live together…?”
“Yeah.” Just then, Stacy answered Sarah’s call. “Hi, Stace. Alex and I should be there in fifteen.” Alex couldn’t hear Stacy’s words, but he did hear Sarah say, “No, that’s cool. Just don’t be too naked. I don’t want you to scare him.” ~giggle~ “Yup. See ya in a bit.”
On the way, Alex sheepishly asked, “Are you and Stacy, um, what I mean is are you two ––”

“You mean are we lovers?” Now it was Sarah’s face that turned red. “Well, sometimes. We’re best friends and business partners, and we both hate men, so sometimes we play games. Do you think I’m weird now?”
“No. I just… Well, I saw the way you kissed each other, and it just made me think that, um ––”

“Whew, okay, truth!” She took a deep breath and fanned her face. “You remember how it was in school. After that, I just never wanted to be around boys, and later on, I decided I was a lesbian. You were the only boy I ever felt comfortable with, so, you see how screwed up I’ve been for all this time?”

Alex’s eyes widened. “Wow, a lesbian? Hey Sarah, look, I’m sorry. I thought we, well, I’ve always had a crush on you and… Okay, truth! I’ve dreamt about making love to you for years but now, well, a lesbian. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, so I’ll just––”
This time it was Sarah’s finger to Alex’s lips as she leaned over and kissed his cheek. Then she whispered in his ear, “I’ve had the same dream, Alex. Maybe we can make it come true, that is, if you want to.”

“Really…? You and I, I mean we could ––”
“Hey, easy champ,” she giggled, grabbing the steering wheel. “Don’t drive off the road!”
Alex drove very slowly down the last street to her house, and Sarah whispered what she had dreamt about. It excited him so much he was shaking when he stopped the car. They hugged and kissed for several minutes before going into the house and couldn’t keep their hands off each other as they walked through the door. Stacy was lying on the couch watching television.

“Hi, Stace. We’re home,” announced Sarah with a giggle. “What are you watching?”
Stacy turned the television off, got up, and walked over to them. “Just catching up on some soaps. Well, Alex, you must be the guy Sarah mentioned from time to time.”

“Me?” Alex looked at Sarah with an incredulous expression. “I don’t think you’re talking about me.”
Sarah was nodding yes and smiling. Then she turned to Alex. “You will stay, won’t you? Please, please stay tonight. Please say yes. I really did miss you!”
Stacy smirked and rolled her eyes. “Oh, God… Well, I’m going to bed before you two screw each other right here on the living room floor. And Sarah…? He’s kinda little. Don’t hurt him too bad! See you guys tomorrow. Have fun.”
“Night,” said Sarah with a wide grin as she grabbed Alex’s hand. “Come on, sweetie. I have to get out of these shoes. Let’s go to my room so I can get comfortable.”

The instant the bedroom door closed, they were tearing at each other’s clothes and kissing everywhere skin was exposed. Suddenly Alex stopped. He had fear in his eyes, and his hands were shaking.
“What’s wrong, sweetie?”
“Sarah, um…” He paused for several seconds, and she wondered what terrible thing he was going to divulge. “I’ve um, I’ve never…”
“You’ve never what, Alex?” She stared into his eyes for a moment and then said, “Oh my God, are you a virgin? Is that what you’re trying to tell me?”
He hung his head and mumbled, “Yeah. Now I guess you can make fun of me, huh!”
Her voice became soft, almost a whisper. “Oh my God, no, I’d never make fun. You are so precious and beautiful, Alex. I want you all the more now.”

“But I don’t know how to, you know, please you or make you cum, and I don’t want to disappoint you.”
She sighed, put her hands on his face, and with a soft, gentle kiss said, “I’ll teach you. And you don’t have to worry about what to do. Just let me please you. Okay?”
“Okay, um, I’m really nervous.”
“So am I, Alex. Do you want to make love to me?”
“More than anything!”

“Then kiss me and let me kiss you. We’ll learn together. I want to do everything with you.”
Their lips touched gently, softly, lovingly, and their trembling hands lightly explored each other’s skin sending small tinges of electric shocks throughout their bodies. “You are so beautiful,” she breathed. “I’ve wanted you for so long.”

Their clothes came off one piece at a time, and their newly exposed skin became electrified by the touch of their hands. Lips brushed against necks, kissed arms, and nibbled on breasts. Tongues intertwined in a slow sensual dance of love as they fell deeper and deeper into the dream world both had fantasized about for so very long. Between their gasps, they whispered little adorations to each other and sighed with the indescribable feelings of one soul mating with another.

“I want you in my mouth Alex. Please let me.”
All he could do was nod “yes” and look at the woman who had become his goddess. She moved down, nibbling across his belly, then his thighs, and finally, she took him into her mouth. A long sigh escaped his trembling lips. He reached out to hold her, hug whatever part of her body he could reach.

In a near squealing voice, he mumbled, “I don’t know if I can… I think I’m going to, to ––”
“It’s okay if you do,” she whispered.
He was trembling, trying to pull her close, trying to hold her even tighter. She moved a leg over his head and straddled him. He wasn’t sure, should he, could he? Even from that angle, she was the most beautiful creature in the universe.
“I want to kiss you… there. Is it okay?”

Without letting his swollen member escape her mouth, she shifted toward him, closer to his warm breath. When he tasted the soft, smooth hairless skin between her legs, he gasped for a second. Then, for several moments, he kissed and licked every part of her he could reach before plunging his tongue between her begging lips.

“Ooooarhh…” she groaned as shivers of ecstasy shot throughout her entire being. “Yes,” she squealed and started sucking and tonguing his throbbing member with a vengeance. Muffled sounds escaped his mouth as she drove him over the brink and forced him to explode like never before. She sucked and licked, even more, wanting every drop, wanting to give him the most beautiful orgasm he had ever experienced.

It took several moments before his body calmed down enough to regain some semblance of control. Then his tongue and lips went back to ravaging every part of her beautiful vagina, and it was her turn to lose all control. He licked and nibbled and sucked, ran his tongue in, around, and out, wrapped his arms around her torso to pull her even closer, and reveled in feelings he had only dreamt about.

She finally let his penis slip from her hungry mouth and groaned. “Oh… I’m going to… Alex, you’re going to make me cum. If you keep that up, I’ll ––”
“Then cum,” he said. It sounded almost like an order. “I want you to cum.” –– Mumph –– “I’m begging you to cum.”
“But I get so wet when I… Oh-my-God, I can’t…” And suddenly she shrieked, “Alexxxxxxxxxx….!” And shuddered. Her legs tightened, her body shook, and she cried out unintelligible words and sounds and squeals of joy. All her control disappeared as she gushed and shook and gushed some more! Several minutes passed before she pulled away, turned around, and kissed her first love.
“You’re crying,” said Alex. “I’m sorry, Sarah. I thought I was making you happy. Oh, I’m so sorry.”

His eyes began to well up with tears but, as soon as she was able to speak, she put a finger to his lips and whispered, “My beautiful, wonderful Alex, I’m crying because you made me feel things I’ve never ever felt before. I’ve never cum like that… ever!” His smile returned, her breathing slowed, and she said, “I thought you told me you were a virgin. Boy, did you totally surprise me! Whew!”
“I wasn’t lying, Sarah. I’ve indeed kissed a few boobs at parties, but that was just goofing around. I’ve never had sex with anyone before.”

“Wow,” she sighed. “Then you’re a natural lover or something. How did you know what to do? I mean, you drove me absolutely crazy. How did you learn that?”

“I always hung out with girls, remember? I listened to their conversations about what they liked, and I dreamt about being able to do those things with you but, just now, I was scared I’d screw it up and that you’d hate me.”

“Oh baby,” she sighed, “even if you did mess up, I couldn’t hate you. I’ve loved you ever since eighth grade and hated moving away after that. Of course,” she added with a giggle, “the way you just made love blew me away and,” –– Suddenly she saw the wet sheets around his head. –– “Oh no, look what I’ve done. Damn, I’ve soaked you and the bed. I’ll get some towels.”
“Wait!” said Alex stopping her on the edge of the bed. “Did you just say you love me?”

Her face reddened. “Oh, yeah, I guess I did. But it’s true. That day in eighth grade was just the beginning and, by the end of the school year, I knew I loved you. Then my family moved and…” Suddenly her hands went up to her face, and her eyes widened. “Oh no, now you’re going to hate me for being such a wet geyser and making such a big mess!”

Alex sat up, took her hands, and kissed her. “I’ve loved you for ten years, and you are everything I’ve ever dreamt about. Better even because you’re real. And your geyser surprised me a little, but I remember some of the girls talking about what they called squirting when they had a mighty orgasm. If I made you feel that good, then I’m in heaven, and I want to do that again and again until you beg me to stop because you’re in so much ecstasy you can’t take any more.” She stared into his eyes and began crying again. He pulled her close and whispered, “But I could use a towel or maybe a shower. Can I wash the back of the most beautiful woman in the world?”

They hugged and laughed and cuddled and made love again until sheer exhaustion carried them into a deeply luxurious sleep, still wrapped around each other, still smiling, and still so much in love.

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