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Mossy Glenn Ranch Series: Ropes and Dreams

A few years ago, I wrote a story about a couple of mis-matched cowboys. Well, on the outside and in society’s eyes, they were mis-matched. Inside, where it mattered? Chance and Rory were it for each other.

Their story grew into a series of nine books, each one detailing the lives, love and adventures of a different pair or ménage. That series, Love in Xxchange, includes the only MMF-ménage in my backlist. It also includes one of my favourite titles, a rather heart-wrenching tale of one James Stratton and Glenn Shearing in book eight, In My Arms Tonight.

Their story is built up to in the other books in the series. It’s an intense culmination of events; one readers had waited patiently for. The final book in that series, Where There’s a Will, is a ménage featuring three men who were so charismatic and entertaining; they had to have another book. The Mossy Glenn Ranch series was born.

Chaps and Hope, book one in the series, takes a deeper look into Carlos, Troy, and Will’s relationship. Troy and Will are faced with an unfamiliar-to-them situation—moving to Montana to help Carlos get the Mossy Glenn up and running for their boss back in Texas.

Life isn’t easy, but it’s good when they’re together. Love, and faith, those things make dealing with hardships possible. Sometimes our faith in someone is misplaced, perhaps because we want so badly to believe the other person to be good. While Carlos, Troy, and Will are justified in believing in one another, there are other people around them who can’t be trusted.

In book two, Ropes and Dreams, this is something the ranch cook, Drake, has learned the hard way. He’s sworn off men forever. He has a cute little puppy, a great job, great friends—and a health scare that is haunting him. Add in memories of some horrible exes, and Drake really doesn’t think he can ever have faith in a lover again.

Fate, or destiny, life, or just simple chance, has other plans. Drake’s resolve is about to be tested, and there’s one man who won’t be scared off.

There’s a saying about nothing good coming easy, and that’s a sure truth in Drake’s world. Even when he starts to open himself up to the irresistible Ian, old hurts and new hatred could put an end to their budding relationship. Challenges can be faced, or you can run from them. Drake is going to have to decide which option he will choose, which option he can live with.

Written by Bailey Bradford, bestselling author of the Mossy Glenn Ranch series.



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