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Romancing Essie (Updated Version)

One breezy tropical afternoon, Essie dressed up in a sassy red silk dress and red high heeled shoes and paid a visit to Bernard. She was in one of her occasional audacious moods.

Inspired by a book she once read, she was feeling naughty and was geared to entice her new lover in an unusual sex game. She wore black underwear and a sexy pair of black fishnet pantyhose. After realizing how much Tim loved her long legs, she eventually developed a mild fetish for feet. She decided to use her new fantasy to flirt with Mr. Dun.

This exciting island-style story starts out with a strange encounter. Essie ran into a peculiar stranger. Her life has never been the same. She had many failed relationships, one immediately after the other. She became a ‘serial dater’ but could not find the right person to go the full distance of husband and wife.

There was one troubling little detail about most of her failed relationships. Most of her failed relationships left her with one more child out of wedlock. Eventually she met the man who was not afraid to accept her, all of her. ‘His love was ecstasy. It slowly opened up her soul and blew her mind.’

This is the new and exciting updated version of the original Romancing Essie.

Excerpt #2:
With one hand he slowly but skillfully raised the towel to unveil Essie’s long sexy legs. He tossed the towel to the ground while still French kissing her. He had dreamt of doing this many times before. Now that he had her in his arms, it felt a million times better. His heart raced with excitement. His well-endowed manhood awoke. He wanted Essie’s body right then. His body ached to explore her inner soul.
He then slowly and ever so softly, ran his fingers up along the inside of her legs. He felt Essie’s pulse hammered under his fingers. She needed him also. Her body ached with the pain of urgent desire.

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