Occultists Are Not All Alike


Indianapolis has a local OTO – well maybe in real life they do not, but in the novel An Adventure in Indianapolis they do. 

Before the time in which the novel is set the characters have met.  Two of them: one of the men and a woman meet because they join the same ceremonial magic organization in the city.  The changes do not happen overnight.  The people but there they are.  Their motives for joining are different but the same.  They both want to become more adapt at controlling their lives through the use of subtle forces and improving their self management. 

The organization is secretive which suits their personalities.  The down side is that because of that, it took each of them quite a long time to find the group, but only because they are so old that they are from before the Internet was commonplace.

They noticed each other early on but for some reason avoided each other.  It was 5 whole years later when they  when they had an interpersonal breakthrough.  It came because they had parts in the same ritual.  In the end they each noticed how well the other one of them had done.  Each was able to admit to being impressed. 

After that, they became ‘ritual friends’ but for some reason there was still a bad vibe between them.  The real reason proved to be a serious ethical difference.  The man was a truly good honest hard working lawyer.  He knew that most people do not trust attorneys because of how much they have handle concepts and rules that have been taken to such an edge they can slice hairs.  It is not really slippery like a snake, but he understood why regular people would feel it seemed suspect.

The woman had an entirely different type of problem.  No one knew what she did for a living but everyone in the order who had met her thought they did.  She told them all that she was a teacher, a school teacher.  The thing of it was, she was lying.

Like most deceivers, she had a reason for it, but in her case the truth was far worse than the lie.  If it had been only that she were a housewife embarrassed by not having a career but no – that was not the problem.  She actually made as much money as the attorney.  The difference is ‘how’ they did it.  As clarified above, the lawyer was really a good man.  Even though many women are good people – this one was really not.  Her evasion of the law man was well placed.

She was a career burglar masquerading as a school teacher with the occult group.  She was so good at it, that she lived in a very middle class neighborhood in a nice house and was a regular at the neighborhood’s Women’s Luncheon but they thought she was a wealthy ex-wife who managed to secure a decent alimony deal and that’s all. 

She was aware that honesty was not a safe bet, but believed wholeheartedly that the fear of being found out helped keep her waistline trim. 

How does this lead to these two working to solve crimes in the city of Indianapolis?!…

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