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Mr. J’s Twisting Tale

Crashing thunderous and metallic shrill sounding Kapow from a car-bomber’s king sized kaboom ricochet off the walls of surrounding buildings as if they were Wylie E Coyote bouncing off the Road Runner’s deceptive painted train tunnel on the side of a cliff!

Smoke swirling sound waves resonate from the unrecognizable rubble that is the lost and found box for the car that went missing after the loud noise, leaving a burnt and bent hood, melted tire sticking to the warped hub cap, a twirling license plate smudged in silt spinning like a quarter on its side after the bang that fired the driver like a human cannon ball lit up like a soccer stadium guaranteeing a closed casket for anyone who fast forwarded during every face close up during the ENGLISH PATIENT!

The explosion’s excitement exuberantly echoes form an invisible force field circumscribing the blast as if it were a silhouette chalk outline at unsolved homicide scene!

And the corpse would be golden gilded yellow, Autumn leave orange, and smurf skin smoke swirling flowing from a flame filled geyser the size of a sky scraper in a mushroom head shaped cotton ash color cloud like a halo hovering restlessly an atomic angel!

Almost imitating Rip Tarn‘s confetti cluttered floor infestation after a New Years party, sizzling scattered scraps of what is hard to imagine was once a car with a driver that vanished as if it were the Deloran hitting 88mph time traveling directly to the last moment of his life!

A visually disturbing tragedy witnessed that made the Hindenburg’s historic horror seem as insignificant as Snookie’s twitter update after last call!

“This is great quality audio and video,” says a square chinned, rectangle shoulder, round grey sun strained eyes man that has a detection of a subtle yet celebrated cantankerous subtext of festering anger boiling behind each uttered syllable was like Fonzie fixing Arnold’s broken juke-box: about to snap!

The scope of the view displaying the explosion that consumed our attention now suddenly expands revealing that the entire explosion scene that just occurred wasn’t real but was a clip from a plasma TV in a tricked out Escalate on an episode of MTV Cribs during the classic giant multi car garage that will be stocked with at least one whip valued a price more expensive than the winning e-bay bid of an authentic and original Lucas Film set prop from the shooting of the first Indiana Jones signed by Harrison Ford!

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