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Life Within Our Jenny

When Jenny, a sixteen-year-old witch, finds herself just beyond a door created by her caregiver, Master Santos the Great Wizard, she discovers a strange new world: Planet Earth.

Alone with her magic Eyeball Ring as a guide, she is questioned by the police; she navigates her way around a high school where the others think she’s just a homeless girl; and eventually she befriends a baby raven who keeps her company as she searches for a way back into her familiar realm.

Little does she know that her greatest enemy along the way, the evil wizard Cafzf, would have some disturbing secrets about Jenny’s mysterious past…

This novelette unfolds like a night garden: Around each curve and corner, there is another unveiling of intrigue alongside playful and quirky dialogue between Jenny and her magic ring. A must-read for teen girls who connect to the world from the social fringes or who love a good witchy story with a happy ending.

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