Intro: The 5 Big Questions in Life and How to Answer Them


Have you ever wondered about life’s really big questions?  If so, you are certainly not alone.  Both religion and philosophy have endeavored to answer such questions for millennia. 

If you want to learn more about how to address these major questions but don’t have years of time to study it, you will be pleased that someone trained in Western philosophy who has also practiced religion [mainly Christianity] has bothered to put together a guidebook.  The manual takes readers through the big questions, does some sample ‘problems’ so that readers can see how solutions can be derived.  Readers are left to think for themselves in the end, but the author does share her own conclusions.  In that respect the presentation method is based more on the academic approach then the ‘preachy’ style. 

For those seeking instant gratification, the mini book can be purchased through Uranian Fiction in .doc format.  For those who strongly prefer books, pre-orders are being accepted and 100 copies of the book should be available in hard cover before the end of the year.

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