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Hi there folks! – We are so pleased to join Angie’s Diary – we have been supporting each other for some time now, but we thought it was a good idea to actually have a presence at this fine ezine.

SQ Mag is a speculative fiction magazine, that is, we publish fantasy, science fiction, and horror of high quality, every two months. We are free and we rely on donations and sponsorship to keep running.

We are published by IFWG Publishing but are independently managed and all our income goes to the running of the ezine. We have already published 3 issues and the fourth will publish on 1 September 2012. We have had the good fortune (or perhaps have already developed sufficient reputation) to have attracted the wonderful work of John Claude Smith, Daniel Pearlman, Daniel I Russell, and Larry Hodges.

Next issue will include Gary McMahon and Jay Lake, and in issue 5 we will have Kim Falconer. We publish anywhere between 5 and 9 short stories per issue, as well as book reviews and some interviews. At the end of each year we publish an anthology of our best stories, all profits going back to the magazine.

So now you know who we are and what we do. We hope you will visit us and enjoy the talent we are displaying. Subscribe, and you can have the option to have our stories delivered to your email inbox in prc, epub or html format.

You can find us as

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