The Extraction


The Extraction

There are many who wind up behind my stones because they are evil, have committed terrible crimes against another person, or just never listen.

The truth and justice lie beneath the onyx stones. Carla spent her life trying to make ends meet but when things got tough she forgot her roots, did not remember how it felt when others hurt her, and decided to pursue a road that would lead her to find herself behind the FIRST STONE. Here is an excerpt from FACES 4: The Extraction

The Extraction

The patient was escorted into the operating room by two nurses and a doctor.

Thinking this would be a simple removal of a bothersome tooth that had been worn away from years of drinking, eating candy, and wear, the patient was not really concerned about the events that she thought would follow.

Each nurse held on to one arm and the doctor followed behind carrying a huge case wrapped in foil. On the outer rim of the case were the words: Special Extraction Kit and the patient’s name printed along the right side of the kit making sure that it matched the tag given to the patient to wear on her white shirt.

Walking into the operating room something caught the eye of the patient but she was too afraid to say anything and just wanted the procedure to be over with and go home to recuperate.

On either side of the room, the patient noticed another set of cases wrapped in the same foil as the Special Extraction Kit. Thinking that they were just making sure they had enough instruments or extra in case one instrument was damaged again the patient said nothing.

Guiding her to the center of the room the nurses led her to a huge bed in the center of the room. At this point the patient became concerned and questioned as to why they were using a bed and not a dental chair. Neither nurse responded to her question but managed to situate on the bed, strapped her arms and legs down so she could not move and then placed a cap on her head.

Trying to break through the restraints the patient became agitated, screamed for help but her cries went on deaf ears. A tall man in a mask wearing a surgical uniform came in and places an IV in her left arm and then proceeded to place something within the IV. The fear in her eyes was real and the thought of what they were going to do to her frightening.

Her heart was racing, her face became hot and the next thing she knew the doctor came into the room with the two nurses and was unwrapping the foil from the extraction kit, opening up the case and counting the instruments that were supposed to be used for a simple wisdom tooth extraction. But, what she saw and what she was about to witness would terrify anyone, send shockwaves down your spine and forever change her life forever.

What could she do? How would she get anyone to help her? Looking around she realized that the room was bare except for the kit, the surgical instruments and the people who were supposedly going to perform her simple extraction. Leaning over the patient whose eyes flashed a hint of recognition when the doctor entered the room, stood over her and proceed to something odd for a dentist.

Why would he demand that she put on a hospital gown to have her tooth out? Why would he strap her down to the chair? Who was this man and was he the same surgeon she had asked to do the extraction?

His voice was cold, methodical and calculating as he explained to her that sometimes your past comes to haunt you in the present. “Dear Carla, I guess you don’t remember me from High School. You always thought that I was not good enough to be in your air space. You and your friends would laugh at my clothes, make fun of me and had your boyfriends taunt me in the boy’s locker room.

Dear Carla, you are about to pay for what you did to me back then. My brother, Dr. Stonewall, is my twin. Kind, caring, boring, altruistic and no longer with us or with you anymore. These nurses are my sisters and will assist me in performing what you might say are an unusual extraction where parts of you will be removed and other body parts replacing them. Don’t worry, nothing vital will be removed but then it’s how you look at it”.

Carla was not the nicest person in high school. She worked as a bar tender in the local bar and had one daughter. When her tooth bothered her one of the other bartenders sent her to Dr. Stonewall. Never figuring that this other girl was really the sister of this sadistic man, she booked the time for the extraction not thinking anything of it and impressed with the doctor and the staff at the time of the visit.

But, Carla had to think fast and try to free herself from her bonds but she couldn’t. The liquid he placed in the IV was making her semi-tired and her legs started to feel numb and her face felt flushed.

The two sisters, nurses entered the room, opened the other kids and began to set up the stations for each extraction that was going to be done. Entering the room was another man carrying several cases. One was marked heart, the other, liver and another gallbladder. Just what they were planning was more than terrifying and what was about to happen would forever mar, scar and change Carla’s life forever.

As the doctor entered the room Carla saw someone at the door looking in. Hoping to get the person’s attention with her facial expression of just hoping she had the strength to mouth the word HELP as the door was opened and another masked face enter the room, her efforts went unanswered and the next thing she saw was the doctor entering the room ready to perform the extractions.

Explaining that he would remove the door first without any Novocain and proceed from their sent chills down her spine and more than just fear in her heart. Trying to ask why and what she could have done that was so mean he just smiled. Not even remembering him or thinking he had confused her with someone else Carla searched the recesses of her mind for answers that she would never find.

“Keep your eyes open, Carla. I want you to experience the pain, torment, distress and discomfort that you caused others but this will be much worse. Remember when you placed something in my drink during lunch to make me throw up? Remember when you told everyone that I slept with my best friend, Tom?”

Remember when I asked you to the dance and you said yes and when I came to your door you had another date and made me feel like trash? Remember when I asked you to come with me to the dentist when I was going to have a cavity filled and you made sure the dentist did not give me any Novocain because you lied and said I was allergic to both Novocain and Lidocaine?

The medication injected into your body will be placed into a muscle and under your skin. But, this will not take away the pain. It will make you immobile so that you will feel everything we do. The dosage and locations of the injections will vary.

Any discoloration to your skin or other body parts will heal overtime or maybe not. These needles are clean and have been sterilized the body parts that we have well are questionable. The purpose of this experiment is to see if we can do more than one transplant and extraction at one time. Carla dear: are you ready? We must begin because those receiving cannot be kept waiting!

Carla closed her eyes and tried to block out what was about to happen. But, this sick and twisted person made sure that she could not. Trying to think back to when she could have met him, where she knew him something snapped!

Looking around her she saw one extra face within the masked faces and hoped that someone would come to her rescue. When we do something to hurt others someone might seek some way to punish us. But, sometimes the punishment does not fit the crime but this person is sick, twisted and feels justified in what he is about to do.

Walking over to Carla, making sure she was ready he opens the first kit, takes out the pliers, the elevator and the other instruments and begins the EXTRACTION! The silent screams went unheard, the silent thoughts never answered and the rest: Remains behind the doors of this operation room.

Carla woke up within the confines of a dark, dank and musty enclosure. Banging on the walls of her private tomb would not bring anyone to her rescue. Thinking that she imagined the entire incident she tried to get up but realized she couldn’t.

Her legs had been removed. Her face was marred and her body so disfigured that even if she could escape what was left of her would only bring her more grief. But, someone must have thought she was worth it or tried a light shined above her eyes, the heat began to rise and the next thing she found herself floating downwards.

Greeting her as a man whose attire many would recognize and whose face would vary, whose heart is made of ice and whose goal is to serve his own brand of justice. Where does Carla wind up? What happens to the doctors? Just why were they allowed to experiment on her?

The lid opened, her eyes glared at the face of the two who put her there. Who is Dr. Stonewall and where is Carla? His black eyes, black suit and: you decide! The Extraction: You decide what is left!

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  1. Avatar of Craig Murray
    Craig Murray says

    it is an interesting concept we have seen before. The sadistic doctor seeking revenge, the heartless woman getting her comeuppance in the worst way possible.
    There are a couple of issues that need to be addressed. There are a few typos, some significant like “Explaining that he would remove the door first without any Novocain”, “send shockwaves down your spine and forever change her life forever.”

    What could she do? How would she get anyone to help her?
    -This is called ‘Author Interference’. It is when a thing is being said but not by a character in the story, not even by the horrible, dreaded narrator, but the author writing in a question

    She is wearing a white shirt, then a hospital gown. The patient is strapped to a chair and a bed, and this mistake is not only just a problem in the story, but a problem with the story.
    Fantasy stories still have to be realistic. No one is going to go to a dentist and put on a gown or allow themselves to be strapped spread eagle to a bed.

    At some point you lost track of the people in attendance to your story.
    Two nurses and a doctor come in at the start
    then a tall man came into the room
    then a doctor came into the room with 2 nurses unwrapping
    then two sisters
    then a man with a box
    then the doctor
    then a man at the door
    then the doctor

    So basically, the story needs an incredible amount of editing, not just superficial editing but a complete editing. Every time you introduce a character, even if it is the same character, you start with “entering the room” This resulted in 12 people being in the room all to torture to death a girl who a decade earlier bullied a guy

    So getting back to the reality of things. It is a ‘pretend’ story, and while that gives a great deal of flexibility in what can be done, it does not mean the author can just make things totally unrealistic, well, not if they want to make a good story.

    I always think you need to pretend you are watching a movie. What would you say, or better yet, imagine it happening to you.

    You go to see a dentist and he leads you into a room with a giant bed with restraints. What would you do? Would you strip off all your clothes, put on a gown and allow yourself to be strapped down?

    Probably not.

    Chances are you would scream bloody murder and run out of there as fast as you could, dialing 911 on your cell phone and racing for your car.

    So if you would not do it, why make your characters do it?

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