The Blue Child Series: On the Mountain

By June O'Brien


On the Mountain: This is a recently completed book best described as fantasy though it contains so much of what I know from living and working in Indian Country.

The main character is Ruby.  She is an eccentric Native American Elder.  She thought she had reached what should be the most peaceful stage of her life.

The-Blue-Child-Series-On-the-MountainBut a call one morning sends her on a journey into the mountains where she is guided to an event that challenges the very essence of who she thought she was and changes the direction of her life.


On The Mountain: Ruby dreams.  The mountain sings to the night sky.  Fog forms, grows thick.  Song and fog wash down the mountainside looking for Ruby.  They coalesce into a woman standing beside her bed; entwined in the song is weeping.

Over the woman’s heart is a sapphire blue light.  It is unclear if the woman and the mountain are the same but it is clear that the woman is sad.  More than sad; she is grieving.

Ruby is cold, digs into the cedar needles beneath, pulls the cedar around her shoulders and drifts back into sleep.   If the woman has something to say, she will return.  And there she is again, still weeping.

The blue sapphire becomes a star.  The woman opens her hands and similar lights fill her palms, but Ruby’s attention is caught by the light over the woman’s heart.  It explodes filling the circle of cedars with blue shards.

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