Mama Mia (monologue)


Mama Mia

Mama Mia

(Note: This monologue is told with a strong Sicilian accent. To enjoy this, try reading it out loud)
All day I stand in front of the window. I can’t sit – no stand, no nothing. So’a big’a mia belly.

Giovanni! Giovanni! Com in’a side forget’a newspaper – it’s the bambino, our bambino is coming!

Mama mia…

Go fetch’a Carmella – go get’a Maria, she’s downstairs. (loudly) You hear me Giovanni?
You hear’a me?

You just like all the men, a chicken, like’a hen from your yard in Sicily. (Louder) I work all day Giovanni, all day I work, scrubb’in your back – all that soot, it makes a big’a mess.

Mama mia…

Here come’a chicken to see me so fat on the marriage bed. Go. Now go, run Giovanni, run, fetch the women.

(low voice)
I’m’a his’a wife, it was’a his’a fam-i-ly pick him out like a bunch of grapes, he’s a good man and I hope’a he will be a good papa..

(Touching belly, now laying flat on bed.)
This’a bambino, it’s a big’a one. Maria, my pison’ I tell’a her it’s a big bambino.

Maria! Maria! You are here Maria. . . Thank’a the good lord, bless you my friend.

(Holding hands on either side of her belly.)
This’a bambino want’s out! Out! Giovanni he runs to fetch the woman, you’a know, Carmella. Carmella, the midwife. She’s a good lady.

No Maria! Let me alone, I don’t want sheets over me, it’s a so hot, my sweat – pou’in like’a bowl of pasta into a sink to drain. Wipe it. Wipe right’a here. (Points to her forehead.)

Good’a job, good’a job.

Mama mia…

I hear, Carmella she comes.
You see’a I gotta big bambino in here.

Maria, you fetch some old cloths, we’a gonna need’a lot for this’a one.

You ask me to push? Push! Hail Mary, I will’a push to mee3t’a bambino.

More? Maria, you too, push with me. Make’a sound, loud sound. Ah……!!!!!

Mama mia…

Maria, where you go?
Well hurry get’a the water, she’a said near the foot of the bed.

Where’s Giovanni? Oh, this’a bambino is gonna kill’a me.

Giovanni, he hids like a hoodlum, a thief, this is his’a bambino too – this’a bambino it’s a his’a fault.

We no play, all hard’a work – it take’a too long to make a bambino. Now’a mor to wash and scrub with’a these hands.

Push, push, push, again! Maria! Giovanni, where the hell are you?

Carmella you want’a me to keep pushin and keep a talking. . .

So you’a want to know the truth. Three days. Three days in three’a months once a month, and I am’a married to some stranger I see three times. Now I push for him, scream’a for him, where is’a he?

Maria, don’t tell me too push.

Maria, wipe my forehead, and scream’a with me.

Giovanni brings me here to some big shot city, he’s a not a happy with his’a work. I tell him, go back. Go back home to Sicill’ia, go pick the olives off the earth, shove’em into a bag – work, like this bambino – work bangin’ those trees.

His’a family pay the same’a man, who is a nosey, he’a comes to the house for money and he stares with big’a eyes. Not like in Amer-i-ca
Not like’a this. . .
this. .

I’m a pushing, I’m a pushing, pushing.

Whew, I forget what’a I was saying?

Maria, you promise you catch’a the bambino when it falls, only you.

I push on my’a own belly.

Maria – Maria get ready. . . Now scream with’a me, now. . .

Mama mia…

Giovanni, I’m’a gonna kill’a you.

Oh Maria, Maria, it’s all cooked, done. . . it’s my bambino, my bambino. . .


Giovanni you can’a come’a in’a side now.

He’s a like’a you. See, like’a you. Your first son, look – look at your papa.

We name him Frankie, after your Papa.

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