Lost In Unreality


Extracts from the book  For Who You Are  

All the bad things you’ve been through, doing the best that you can do

To try & live a happy life, but the past cut’s like a knife
It severs known relationships, a cutting floor of movie clips
I see just for who you are, a loving soul with past so far
I do not judge for what has been, the life you’ve lived I haven’t seen  
Lost In Unreality  

What triggered me to be this way, goes far back into the day
Trauma with me & around, but like a ship I ran aground
When locked emotions deep inside, I could not no longer hide
Anger & grief came rushing out, so that I could scream & shout
At the time I was on my own, in the safety of my home  

The Unseen  
They may have chose to live this way, but that’s not for us to say
How would we cope if we were lost, giving up on life is not a cost
Don’t judge them so for what you see, they were the same as you & me
Born into a life of a family, they’re branches of a bigger tree

Just don’t see them as the leaves, cast adrift by the hard cold breeze
Don’t trample them into the ground, what is lost, can still be found  
You’re Gone  I really hate losing family or a friend
Especially true ones who should be till the end

Before I was deleted I wanted to say But was afraid in case you go astray
Being deleted once was enough A second time I knew would be tough
So I’ll say now what I didn’t say then I thought of you more than ever a friend
Considered to me just as a sister Like the one of my own there to assist her  

My Life Support  I don’t remember when I was born, away from that safe place, torn
Inside you for months so many, the only place to spend a penny
Safe & warm a part of you, our spirits then, one not two
For what you did I’ll always be, grateful for the life of me

Kept alive that I had been, by my life support machine

My first book of poetry is now available to buy/download as an e-book. It is due to be released as a paperback later this year. I am currently working on my second book. 

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  1. Avatar of Andrew J. Sacks
    Andrew J. Sacks says

    starfire, I always value your posts. Thank you for this fascinating poem. Many themes!

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