Excerpt: A Dream of Death Forgotten


Yolanda took her lit cigarette and put it out right on Elliot’s chest and he yelled so loud he almost broke her ear drums. “Now you little ingrate” she began. “Since you don’t want to play nice, you want to call me names, and my name surely isn’t bitch, you are going to pay for that my friend.”

A Dream of Death ForgottenElliot looked over to his right and saw a table full of instruments.
“What the hell are you doing to me” he asked her? “In due time my dear you will fi nd out” she said. “But for now just relax and enjoy the show” she finished.

Yolanda turned on a projector and each picture of all her victims flashed before Elliot’s eyes. The look on his face of horror was pleasing to Yolanda.
“You killed all these people” Elliot asked? “No asshole I was just there to take the pictures” she said smartly. “Of course I killed them all; just like I’m going to kill you” she said.

 “You sick piece of crap”he said to her.
Yolanda was pissed at all the names he was calling her and picked up an ice pick and stabbed him in the testicles with it.

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