Eve’s Manor – Spellbound (2/2)


Our story begins here. He has a bunch of premonitions that involve the local and major authorities that he can help them with cold cases. Not only them, but it also helps a bunch of other people as well.

Someone patiently explained to him someone’s coming.  Then it started raining with a clap of thunder and a flash of lightning outside the window. Then suddenly they all heard a pecking of a bird on the window. She looked at both of her daughters standing by her bedside, with your ladies help we are going to keep this family together, and you will help your little brother with this, but from a distance, it will be hard. Trust him to make amends and get back into your lives. He loves you.

premonitionsListen, he loves sports, old and new movies, no gambling, no lotto and staying out of illegal acts. He loves his new job. The only problem is, for the people around him. They know he helps fight crime telekinetically with spells that are hard for heterosexual men to comprehend without getting to know him on a bromance level to know he is not flirting with them.

Mayevelyn Iris has had it for a couple of years now, but her son has had this gift all of his life. But you have to remember he loves the staying within the law is the safest game plan, not riding the fine line of neither. So, he will be making his entrance before getting noticed somehow, in a positive way. The problem, like it, was when he was a kid, his abilities, and knowledge how a criminal mind works make him appear to be criminalistic, which in his case is the absolute opposite of the actual truth.

That is why he always makes friends with the legal system but not as a criminal. His job resume shows especially this especially with the career track he has chosen to follow fighting crime as a Scanner using his abilities that people nowadays call magic.

I know your loopholes, he always tells them, so he does not interfere and break the law, and I plan on helping you catch the uncatchable criminals and unstoppable hackers while off the grid whenever I can while off work. So make sure those policemen remember that keeping slow thinking will harm them not him and having him practice his meditation; his connection with real friends and his work benefits everyone. Do not let him stop his hobbies.  I approved him writing as many books as he could about his research in fiction. But I want him to fictionalize it because I do not want people thinking he is a psycho-crazed lunatic running around Virginia. Sorry to scare anyone.”

“It’s obvious he’s not crazy and loves being employed .“

“Girls he is going to  tell you of his events in his stories, so  he had to call me about them first.”

I had to remind him to write these down as stories, or better yet draw them or paint them.  As you are older now, and that state does not realize how law-abiding you are, and the generational gap in the defining the words you use can now help the judicial system find the criminal. When you submit clues in discreet ways that do not mean the same as they did in the newer generations, as they do not mean the same to the younger things, they only mean something to the educated and elite of society.

”So, as I told you before, give them as many chances as possible, give them clues when they are very easy to show you are enabling them to  stop the occurrences from happening ahead of time.” “Just when they start saying you will be breaking a noticeable ordinary law by telling them.”

“Tell them Hello! , then I won’t help,  and you have to let it happen. Son, You’ll cry over it because you could tell them about the premonition, they would think you were crazy, as some of the premonitions come in sequence to you. But an appropriately untrained interpreter can and will many times in my son’s life miss the reached puzzle pieces and have come to the wrong conclusion and millions were almost lost.”

“That being said being said, at least they can never say you did not do your very best to warn them of future occurrences, before they occurred in person, on video even in an email that they were going to happen and what could cause the bad events not to occur. “

As one neighbor called the police and put in the grapevine to me “See it took several calls from neighbors about him to make me realize the occurrences would not be caused by him in any way. “

But, I knew Alonzo just has a keener sense of what risk managers miss in situations and  some governmental profilers, and law firms could have him employed as a wish  to  have him  on retainer to hack into an uncatchable suspect’s mind.” “God loves him,”  but no cop would ever believe him until after the events occurred, no matter how hard he tried.

“That’s why he would want nothing more than to do this for the county he lived in and the other authorities he worked with anonymously through email suggestions.” “Now, when you have a person in the background keystroke  copying Alonzo’s every keystroke in this modern age he will appear foolish until he catches on to what they are doing.” , “Not like his family who always helps him by staying inspirational” There are those who only to want to debunk him first by then it’s too late when they could not and try and take his job, family and place away from him by socially engineered means .“

It has happened several times during his career. Now it is showing signs that it is happening to him now in Virginia, where he has lived.

Only for Alonzo to prove, I warned you to let me help you so nothing would happen to ya’ll casting these spells, you asked for me to leave you alone, you asked me not to help you anymore and now the events are occurring on the start date Halloween 2016.

“There was a program added; the Clairvoyant Telepathic Speech-Responsive Program, codename Guardian, it is incorrect with the way the system works.” “Alonzo found who had the program he assisted in developing by receiving the call and got employed there.”

“He made amends with the previous creators of the program  and made great connections with the developer’s over these resolves to the glitches and patches made to the system.”

Girls hold on how you ask?  “I taught  him with telepathy which is a mother first language to a child, and scientifically proven it also is a father’s.” “Our Alonzo had to wait until the findings were published before he could write his book so he could not be debunked by his research on  how to  update his  process of thinking every day in his own way even with the old processes.”

It will be easier now to help him as a spirit, as his mother and the psychological sound portion of his father’s part of his ID. I as his mother filled in the blanks that his father could not as he died so early in his life.” “Once I finally pass as fate has finally caught up with me trying to help Alonzo save people, places and things important for historical archives. He is, by the way, a third generation archivist.

He was raised by a house full of women knowing he would have a daughter one day as a Mr. Mom, which was his dream while his wife was on the road bringing home the bacon. As the world changed for him to find just the right job for his abilities, and to be appreciated for his abilities and knowledge. While helping his new boss profit, he has figured a way to keep his old bosses going on the parallel keeping. Their rivalry unaffecting neither side as one always saves the other without knowing who they are dealing with, nor lead on the wrong track while he was vulnerable from exhaustion id working too hard in a hard day’s work.”

His mother took a long raged breathe, ”The problem Alonzo always was accused of was not sharing his ideas and premonitions with his wife.” “See to a Mama’s boy which every good southern gentleman is. He thought I had more power than God, he still does.” “I told him, if you realize your relationship with people, just like with the authorities, if they start to engineer a demise of the relationship socially, and no longer assist in that great of detail in helping you with your life, you have taught them too much of your abilities for your safety.” That was the last this thing I could say to him telepathically before we had to hang up.

“The only thing he could say to me in the form of I love you in return, as I taught men don’t cry it shows other men,  women, and children you are weak. (But sometimes you just have too I hope he knew that it was ). It was an honor to serve you as your son.  I also told him it takes a long time for evil people to die. “ That statement always made us law abiding citizens, by the time he realized for himself how to use it.

“I know people will re-beat his spirit down when he married his second wife a second time to see if they could get that truthful statement out of him and what it truly meant for their monetary gain. But luckily his boss does not seem to be the kind of person to do that.

“Thank goodness.” After the loss of two of their kids and the surviving one in school now their relationship could not handle it and they went their separate ways.”

“From a mother’s perspective, he won’t say it but he  only works  harder so she, his boss at his Mom n Pop store and his job  could learn he is worth keeping around in the most especially hard times management in our country changes to old work style rules as my son was raised but safely in good times “.

Like my little Mom and Pop store did me until I got too sick to work.” “In time, they will come to realize it only made his abilities stronger, more manageable without anyone’s help or medication for a misdiagnosed ailment. He finally got the correct diagnosis, and  it gave him complete control of himself, his  competencies of always staying correctly on the right side of the law.” Happier now is all he kept telling me at the end of our conversations to make sure I was proud of how he was completing things.

I finally got him to a point in his life to make himself proud first then show his work, or tell his story. We can edit then. As one can only put on a crazy persona on a character in a book for so long before they can be believably blended into the Library of Congress for just so long before they realize he will stay right especially in the most stressful of times. LOL.

Now as soon as that ex-wife of his gets remarried. I forsee him having no more legal, emotional, financial, most notably employment issues. Will be caused by threats of adding more debt to make her happier. She will be with someone who can afford it.

So, to keep their kid in school, and for him to do whatever it takes to make ends meet. Well, now that he has his spell-casting for wishes as a witch for a price club opening in his book series.

“The best part was starting to help him now.” “In his community, he began not to disturb his neighbors with his abilities going on overload by practicing them discreetly. He started walking, showing the local law how to work with him on how to use them, without realizing they were the law so he would not break any laws.”  That way he did not turn into a recluse grumpy old man that nobody liked and you would see on the news one day of a bad report of some sort.

He knew how to perform the coolest of magic with the elements to save them from harm, but it scares people when they realize you can’t copy his actions without lethal consequences. See his abilities come from training, therapy, counseling and acceptance to move forward in life with your skills from education and decades of experience and practice.” “ Electrokinesis was something he wanted to make sure the law could use on their side.” “ Alonzo knows that method from many years of self-defense in that marriage Witch spell self-training without electronics. Let’s just say it got nasty and he was too much of a real man to respond and leave it at that to break a bad cycle of events from occurring” “ His premonition on that set of events was too strong not to leave her over.

“Now what I am about to tell you, it’s scary but true, risky romantic and the hidden magic will tantalize the senses , but I have to have Alonzo tell so his story can be told as mine will be entertained as reference. And I only know his part of it what he will tell his mother, and southern gentleman doesn’t discuss those kinds things with the ladies in the room.  I will say the interview time he had with a very patient cop in front of a judge to help appreciate the judicial system in which he is a free citizen and not dead from a statistical deadly automobile accident is what inspired his essence to come back in the future to help stop deadly future events from occurring. ” Because like his mother raised him to always be a gentleman to the ladies and men, I do not want you to be late to work” “But I did not raise not to have a good time in life.”

MayEvelyn laughed devilishly with a smile on her face, and the girls responded “Moma”  They turned, to one get a cigarette and Coke, the other grab a Pepsi. They wanted to stay alerted as they knew shew was close to dying. That is when it occurred.

As the breath finally broke when she went to tell another funny story to remember about the sexy tales about to unveil themselves

She heard her. ” MayEvelyn!” ” Don’t come on it’s time to go, it’s Alonzo’s time to be in the light to tell the story, these girls parts, let Alonzo make them laugh and thrilled with the suspense of the rest.”

MayEvelyn’s soul got up out of her body and began to walk to her mother she started fading as the storm got worse and it started getting colder in the room, with a light appearing elsewhere in the room. Alonzo had astral projected himself to her to say goodbye in spirit just in time to see her welcome him back to Virginia.

As a little red light appeared next to both of them in Virginia vortex created, it was his daughter asking “Where do you think you are going?” You promised you would not leave me alone on the holidays.” And you are keeping it.” Hey, Grandma” Now Dad you are not staying here.” ” You are going back to your house right?” ” I will see you again now come on you are taking too long ” You know her body will pull you to it to restart itself. MOVE it OLD MAN GO, GO, GO, GO, GO !”

All of that happened within the exact moment, the Hospice nurse came in and announced that she had died with a smile on her face. Both girls dropped their drinks as they both saw Alonzo pop in and out taking Moma’s spirit with his daughter in front. Looked Rudolph the red nose reindeer  had flown through here.”

Something strange happened, though, a nicnac that Alonzo had given her, that she carried around with fell off the shelf by itself and broke. The ladies screamed. “No, it’s just Grandmas way of saying she came and got her,” the girls said.

A year or so passes and finally, I can help him tell his story from the grave. I’m his spirit guide now.

Halloween early morning many years ago 2016 while time traveling after casting a spell to save some people from getting killed by a deadly inexperienced spellcaster Alonzo sees this happening through astral; projecting in a dream.

Rain pattered steadily through the woods to the ground below. Lightning flashed,  a dark figure slipped through the trees, and I made a deep gasp. When she arrived at it, the house. “I asked where are you so I can find you? “ You can’t change the past sweetheart; he heard her say,” “But I am going to keep you out of any kind of trouble since that is not in your future; then the lightning flashed again.”

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