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Escape or Die

An Excerpt from Caryn’s Magic Towne.

“What are we waiting for? Is there something ––”

“Our chance George, our chance to escape.”

“Oh––Right. And that would be… when?”

“I don’t know George. We’ll just have to wait.”

“And exactly how are we ––”

Ollie saw that his friend’s interrogation was going nowhere and decided to change the subject. “Are there any other people on this island,” he asked abruptly, “You know, like people who live here?”

“Just Colby and his men,” replied Simms calmly, thankful for Ollie’s well timed question. “He has a small crew fitting your boat with weapons and I heard them talking about celebrating later.”

With a disgusted, or perhaps more of a despondent expression, George began muttering. “Great! An island in the middle of nowhere… nobody here but bad guys… no way to get home… And I’m freezing! What else could possibly go wrong?”

Simms, satisfied he had done all he could at the moment, sat down next to George to try to allay his fear.

“When they celebrate later,” he said in a soothingly calm tone, “they will all be drinking… will probably get drunk I suspect, and will not be paying attention to us. It will be then we can steal the boat!”

George’s eyes opened wide. “Steal the boat? Steal the boat you say….” Then he smiled. “Yes! Our boat… Um…. Right, good idea, but won’t they have guards?”

“Doubtful George; Only them and us on this island and they think we’re all locked away. Of course, we’ll have to be careful. If we’re discovered, there are only three of us to fight and ––”

“I beg your pardon,” interrupted the Queen firmly. “We are four who can fight. Not three!”

“Oh, yes, of course Ma’am but I would never put you in a position where you would have to ––”

And again, the Queen cut Simms’ words short but this time in a much friendlier manner. “Mr. Simms, I was not always a queen and I’ve had my fair share of battles, some not unlike this one. So please include me in your conversations about our escape from this dreadful place. Now tell us, what is your plan?”

“Oh, why yes, yes, of course Ma’am. Well… when they begin their celebration, we shall wait until they are fully occupied with their levity and drink. Then, we’ll sneak to the boat, climb on board and, before they notice us, we’ll be pulling away leaving them stranded in our place. We’ll have to be very quiet on our approach to the dock as they have firearms and ––”

“So, what you’re saying,” interjected Queen Caryn, “is that we should wait until they are all falling down drunk and then run like banshees for the boat, steal it back and sail away –– Right?”

“Oh –– Well –– Um, yes, I suppose,” stammered Simms thinking she would squash his plan. “Y–You could put it that way Ma’am.”

“Very well then,” she said thoughtfully rubbing her chin. “And have you discussed this with the rightful owners of the vessel we will steal?”

Simms’ face went slightly red. “No Ma’am, there was no time but it was the best plan I could conjure up.”

Caryn looked squarely at George and said, “Your opinion of this plan… is…?”

He hemmed and hawed for a second before nodding and saying, “It’s okay, I guess.”

“And you Ollie, what do you think?”

“Hmm,” he breathed while mentally calculating something. “Well, considering the number of men they have, the fact that we’re on a small island and the only boat here is ours, I think it’s a good plan Ma’am.”

The Queen turned away to hide the smile on her face and then faced Simms.

“I believe your plan is a good one.” Then, with a laugh she could no longer hold back, she added, “And, it’s the only one we have. So, your plan it is Mr. Simms. Good show!” 


(I wonder if they will ever get off that dreadful island!)

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