I am soon to be paralyzed
in the happiness of the tender night.
Involuntarily my grey sun strained eyes fluttered and
winked ferociously from glancing at the once bloomed in
bright crimson light, rays elicited by a cheerful red sun.

A sun that seemed to have unobtrusively dimwits as
if it was quivering on the horizon from the warm center
of the world to the ragged edge of the universe.

A sun that lightly, splendidly, languidly sank with soft
whispers and an effeminate swank forging velvet dusk.
Acting as the midwife to the birth of a warm winded
summer day’s sinister contrast.

Suddenly: Streetlights
shining, candles flickering, and blackness vanishes any
harsh defiant wistfulness.
Privileged glimpses privy to the riotous excursions
found in natural curiosity’s abortive sorrows uninflected.

Running together in a soothing tone with
leisure movements nibbling stale ideas
as they tremble helplessly.

Plunge the days gruff husky tenor arrogance and
supercilious manner as the suns face feigns affectations
Pleasing contemptuous expressions now twirling, rippling,
and ballooning downward like its anchored by a
metallic shrill of its own void of desire and surplus of

The night bellows a triumphant yet meekness and you
can almost hear its thrilling laughter fragility unaffected
by scorn or contempt.
This nocturnal, short-winded elation heightened in
sensitivity by the sky vacuous of solar rays shining but
populated by a parade of flabby impressionability in the
shape of twinkling consolations.

Abruptly my eyes now flash restlessly searching the
arresting phenomenon of darkness left in the wake of
absence of a majestic sunny day.

Hovering impatiently, as if I’ve become more alert,
my stare is fastened with an awe expression to the sharply
different dull illumination consoling proximity to the
gleaming silver pepper of the stars.

Stars reflected on bays mirror-like surface resembling
diamonds glittering along the water consumed by young
breath giving air radiantly moonlit, calm, and crisp.
not as gold as a harvest moon, footsteps echo my previous
destination as I stroll.

Carelessly wandering with childlike glee and vulnerable
exultance in the twilight’s crystallized blanket of
wavering silhouettes emerged from wavering shadows.

I am now paralyzed in the happiness of the tender night.





  1. Avatar of Ernest Phares
    Ernest Phares says

    I have liked your way of writing this. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Avatar of BRANDON C. JONES

    Thnx Ernest.

  3. Avatar of Kaye Brantley
    Kaye Brantley says

    Super post – and great magazine by the way:-)

    1. Avatar of MrJ
      MrJ says

      Thx Kaye

  4. Avatar of Brandon Craig Jones Mr.J
    Brandon Craig Jones Mr.J says

    Thanks for the supportive and positive feedback!

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