The Abnormal Divine


Abnormal Divine

The Abnormal Divine

“…And, what is the foundation of my brilliance?”

”-your humanity. Your humanity allows you to adapt to situations and circumstances where others cannot, and fail.”


”It’s true. You don’t realize it and that’s part of your charm. But, your house is in order, and people appreciate that. Your naïve humanity takes you everywhere, and takes you there with assurance and safety and comfort.”


”Doubt is the virtue of the perceptive.”


“Lightness and ease of your presence attract both the easy and the difficult and dangerous. People envy you for whom and what you are, by nature. But, they do not accost you in any way because they fear affronting the gods who bless and watch over you. Your humanity has brought you luck and continued survival.”

“I don’t think I care to survive much longer.”

”Precisely why you are the most humane of us all. Our longing for materialistic items and lust for life are temporary, and trivial comparisons to your sterling and eternal attachment to the divine, albeit somewhat abnormal.”

“So you say.”

”Melancholy is the emotion of the pragmatic experience. It is the foundation of what makes human beings, human beings. It is what divorces and binds us from nature. But, not you. You have ascended…risen beyond it. And, continue to ascend. Where we stagnate and clumsily falter, you flourish and thrive. Divine charisma has touched you in her favor, and only you. It’s unfair.”

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