Excerpt: C Street


The plane flew from Washington to Geneva, Switzerland. We arrived at 2:03 AM, GMT + one. It was a bone-chilling -25°C.

A limousine took the participants directly to Hotel Les Nations, where a suite was waiting. Steven Dahl scanned the rooms for listening devices, and then the meeting commenced.
“The Geneva meeting opened at 3:20 AM, local time……Steven Dahl controlled the meeting…. Dahl’s soliloquy sounded uncomfortably like treasonous talk. Dahl continued, and assuaged our fears. ‘You may think that this sounds like treason, but our task is twofold…. Our first task is to develop the method for controlling the technology. Our second task, our ultimate goal, is to develop and implement protections to avoid such an attack. Our mandate is as patriotic as apple pie.’ …..The tension that had developed in the room just as suddenly dissolved. I will not pretend I did not know the truth….”
“Very early in B6’s mission, I began secreting documents, evidence, and computer code. When highly effective drugs were created, like those used for killing or those used for mind control, I would borrow a few vials using my Q Clearance. I always maintained a supply of Astrolite and other powerful small weapons. On my last trip to Washington, I entered the secure underground bunker I had built in Arlington, Virginia….
“I ask no forgiveness for my work on C Street. Men like me believe God is our judge, or more honestly stated, we believe we are gods.”

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  1. Avatar of Nancy Duci Denofio
    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    After reading your work I can only say to others, don’t miss out. Claudette has a knack for hooking you in, and you just don’t want to close the cover. Glad to see you here at Angie’s Diary; Sincerely, Nancy

  2. Avatar of MF
    MF says

    Thank you, Claudette and Nancy, for this introduction to C Street.
    I’m certainly tempted to buy and read 🙂
    Manny Fuchs

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