Angular Trifecta 14: Boyd Versus Burdlit


From almost an outward-looking fishbowl viewpoint, the Deew possessed a unique perspective and seat for this battle. A fight between Burdlit and an entity who it could only refer to as an unfamiliar – no wagers were placed, but an eye remained intent upon and deftly attuned to witnessing the outcome.

Although, this eye featured a vantage of three hundred and sixty different degrees of which the melee was but one point from a nearly infinite stream of data points to its particular interests.

Like a quarterback who could sense the pressure of a collapsing pocket, Boyd absorbed the blow and let it take him so as to not cough up the LUNC or get backed up additional yardage in a losing, surrendered down. Sacked but resistant, he had managed to activate the gauntlet technology of his combat gear in order to blunt the frontal blow and rear impact. Burdlit’s attack classified as anything of the hostile projectile nature would, and like an offensive attack, the Enforcer’s personal shield was there to defend against it.

“You finally decided to show up,” Boyd admitted to a calculated intent in having lingered about his position – out in the wide open for some time or time enough to allow Burdlit to catch up. He would never cop to the pain of the blow as the Carriveaua were a powerful species, and the operational general’s assault was indecipherable from the force of a car crash, but the winded voice from the high-pitched utterance of breath being squeezed from his lungs as a result of the collision did not lie!

“What, are you Space Force?” An invisible Burdlit questioned while driving the intruder into the window with every bit of malice that he could muster. Any other Human would have been killed instantly by the attempt – thus prompting the question as the operational general lowered his chameleon-like transparency to a pallet of his normalized, reptilian (in appearance) color scheme.

Even from off his feet with his back plastered – pinned against the window by the ill graces of a disheartening thud, Boyd still happened to be a lethal individual and went immediately for the kill shot by recovering his flailing right arm with the LUNC in its right hand and bending it at the elbow to let off a point-blank range laser pulse to what he was hoping would have been Burdlit’s head! The Enforcer’s answer to the operational general’s question became an accusation which conveniently laid both of their cards on the table for mutual display, “Since when did the Carriveaua start rubbing elbows with Humans?”

At this point, Burdlit and the intruder were engaging in the nuanced language of battle, and things could have continued like that all day long with the Galaxy Bloc troops instructed to stay clear plus out of their way. He turned his skull completely around in precision avoidance of the laser pulse. Eerie – the operational general’s head faced back forward bearing the enunciation of an expansive jaw, somewhat frightening dental work (for those who might not have been familiar with the Carriveaua), and the culmination of this predatory utterance, “The hopes and dreams of the unincorporated planets are merely the appetizer, but the Space Force will be our main course,” before extending his neck to snap off a strike as a potentially fatal chomp with a trajectory for his struggling captive’s neck!

“Funny,” Boyd snickered, “I thought that you seemed a little familiar. I think that they dropped your aunt when loading my luggage onto the shuttle for Dio Qze.” With the butt of the LUNC already in the perfect position, he reared back and chopped at Burdlit’s powerful left arm which happened to be at the root of the grasp that had him dangling a couple feet off the ground – literally and metrically. There was going to be no love in that bite, so the Enforcer followed up by smashing his right elbow into the operational general’s face – just above the razor sharp mandibles which sent the Carriveaua reeling backward with both hands to a paining head and welcomely dropped himself to the ground in a tripod crouch.

“Stupid,” it was unclear as to whether Burdlit was referring to the intruder’s disrespectful words, “fu–ing,” the pain delivered by that elbow to the bridge of his nose, “Human,” or both. With eyes tearing and the sharpest of pains closing up the operational general’s own mouth in order for it to be able to mutter moans of assuagement, he stumbled backward – tripping over his own tail.

But Boyd knew that Burdlit was running game, realized that he happened to be in way too close, and braced for the secondary attack from the operational general’s tail which was never out of position. It coiled around him and squeezed with a crushing grip that could have paralyzed its captive with the simple snap of the pressured vertebrae, but the effect to the Enforcer was reduced to merely feeling snug because of the outward push of assistance from the personal shield. What he had succeeded in doing was stunning the Carriveaua with the resultant watery eyes of a defensive technique which worked on more species than just Humans so that an anaconda-like envelopment could not further ensnare him within his helplessness.

The emotional component was not to be overlooked either because Burdlit began to take a page out of the Human eBook in allowing the pettiness of the squabble to dictate his actions. The intruder’s arms were pinned at their sides. His captive’s feet were pressing backward – brushing futilely against the ground in order to garner leverage and precious inches of distance. The prey knew and respected how deadly the operational general was with close-quartered offense, and if it were not for him being unable to focus at this point, the person would have been halfway down his throat by now. This meat was tough and needed slightly more tenderizing.

Clutching Boyd in the unenviable position such as this was, Burdlit’s tail tensed up and flung him back toward and through the front three rows worth of cubicles – all the way across the track-like corridor in a calamitous scene which cleared out furniture and fleeing, formerly onlooking soldiers alike. Once repositioned, they began to dump laser fire indiscriminately into the area that the path of the Enforcer’s apparent destruction led up to.

After shaking off some of the lingering disorientation from his bruised face, Burdlit turned and trailed that path up to a fully cooked meal that he was hoping would at least be medium well if not well done by now. And as the operational general approached, the soldiers stopped firing in succession in order to allow him an ease of access to the results…or perhaps the remains.

Such powerful entities – Burdlit and the unfamiliar were clearly two of the strongest beings on Dio Qze. To the Deew, which happened to be ‘the’ strongest being on the planet, each of them paled by comparison of its magisterial existence. But an assist was an assist nonetheless, and it welcomed their contribution to the satiation of a bewildered yearn. Consumed by the thought which was more a reverberant, involuntary instinct – a strategy had been solidified for the purposes of freeing itself from the purgatorial slant that feigned complacency.

The window was cracked.

The shield weakened in that area.

Emotionless – so devoid of any hint of vindictiveness: Analyzing both the power levels and technology which caused the malfunction to occur in the stasis array surrounding the vegetational crevice gave the Deew the manipulable data that was required to be able to finally realize its own destiny by claiming its Ethereal-given right to feed.

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