3 Little Puns


3 Little Puns

3 Little Puns

Let me start at the very beginning. I was working on my newest novel which was a modern adaptation of the classic ‘3 Little Pigs.’

But the hook is in my version, the character of the big bad wolf has asthma so it’s a lot shorter than the original. In the opening scene, the wolf wheezes and coughs at the piggy living in the house made of straw then give up while desperately searching for his inhaler.

Unfortunately, there’s a plot twist in the following scene of the tale, as the wolf is gasping for air while still searching for his inhaler, suddenly out of nowhere, without warning, a tornado abruptly forms from hovering clouds of lurking doom.

Subsequently, the mighty gusts and violent winds of the storm end up knocking over both the house made of straw and twigs as if they had the likelihood of standing shorter than a poorly stacked Jenga tower played between Parkinson patients jackhammering during the globe gyrating aftershock of a rector scale 5 earthquake.

So in the final scene, they still move in with their brother who made his house with bricks. I couldn’t change the ending, would I repaint the Mona Lisa? That’s the thing about rewriting a classic story, you exhaust yourself but don’t get anywhere: It’s like a treadmill, no matter how much you may try to run away, you can’t escape the inevitable truth that at the end, you’re right back where you were before you started.

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