Intro: The Proposition


Bundy Quicksilver received two medals from the Commissioner of Police, twenty years after he retired.

He wrote a letter to show his appreciation; and received a telephone call from the Commissioner wanting him to visit his office. Upon his visit, the Commissioner offered Bundy a proposal which he couldn’t refuse.

The Commissioner’s proposition was Bundy work with Detective Superintendent Kathleen Emerson on an investigation. A twelve year old child went missing eight years before. Bundy accepted the Commissioner’s proposition to work with Detective Superintendent Kathleen Emerson to help find the missing child.

This is a story of old fashioned detective – working with the modern day detective to help solve a mystery.

Do they find the missing child dead or alive?

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  1. Andrew J. Sacks says

    Pat, thanks for the heads-up on this intriguing work. I must read the entirety and recommend it widely!

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