Intro: The Casey Anthony Murder Trial


From sidebars to sideshows, this is “The Casey Anthony Murder Trial.” The entire trial history preserved in one book, was written by mother-daughter writers Claudette Walker & Matrix Filia.

The book is a comprehensive look at the media, judge, jury, defendant, lawyers, witnesses, and evidence, written with eyes wide open. This is what most people never see: the events that occur during a murder trial. With all the elements of an American tragedy, complete with the elevation of the mother to celebrity status, Casey Anthony stood accused of murdering her two-year-old daughter.

Caylee was last seen with her mother, and the toddler’s disappearance went unreported for 31 days. A massive worldwide search ensued, before the discovery of Caylee’s remains in a murky Florida swamp six months later. In the trial, both the lawyers and witnesses seemed to cross the lines between fact and fiction during this spectacle of horrors. The media covered the arrest of the mother, and for the first time an American jury selection was televised live, from our home in Pinellas County, Florida.

From jury selection to sentencing, this is a comprehensive interpretation of a first-degree murder trial and our American justice system, for good or bad. This is not a storybook, but the story of this trial, done in real time, including the observations and opinions of the two writers as the trial was ongoing. We know this trial. The book examines the murder of Caylee, the trial of her mother, and takes a hard look at the judicial system. This trial and the acquittal of her mother for the murder have resulted in strong opinions, from agreement with the verdict to venomous hatred of all involved in the case.

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  1. Nancy Duci Denofio says

    I have had the opportunity to read this story which comes from the mother/daughter point of view. There is not one word left out, and I am sure it will become a book one may use for research while studying in many different fields. It will be a book one looks for years after the event. Both Claudette and Matrix have accomplished a large amount of material that permits the reader to read the entire story line by line and draw their own conclusion. I also want to thank Claudette for her time when she appeared on my talk show, revealing to the public her honest thoughts and her daughters. This is a book that will last forever on book shelfs. Excellent work. Sincerely, Nancy

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