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The Shop – 2 (Excerpt)

Panama City, Florida They were just beyond the channel markers when Ted Bremmer said, “Let’s try the grouper.” Frank said, “The grouper?” “I’ve never fished for grouper. It’ll be a challenge.” “You wouldn’t rather troll for kings? We could put a line in the water right now.” “No. I’d like to go for grouper if […]

Excerpt: The Ghost Garden

This should never have happened, he should never have died. I can’t help but set the cogs in motion for the most prominent question when grieving for a loved one. Chapter 12: “What If?”  I’m still pondering the “What If” question a week later. I’ve returned to the shop, against everyone’s advice, yet somehow, my soul […]

The Enemy of my Enemy (Excerpt)

The Enemy of my Enemy (Excerpt)

Angellica seemed to be avoiding everyone, the day following the beach party. Many chose to blame Logan for snubbing her, the Master being an easy target for their discontent. Shasta blamed herself, for letting Angellica’s behaviour get out of hand. Logan, on the other hand, blamed the rebel leader for her own problems and quickly […]

Love, Lust and Conspiracy – Chapter One

A chance meeting, a strong physical attraction and deep psychological secrets blossom into a rare passionate love that melds two souls into one. Such euphoria is celebrated in fairy tales and folk lore but does it really exist or is it merely a diehard romanticist’s wishful imagination?

Perhaps there are some who find it, some who are not necessarily the stereotypical “boy and girl”, some who don’t care what society calls them as long as they can be together.

This romantic tale of sex, love and murder is based on the life of a talented, humble and very gutsy genius who suffered endless mockery and ridicule till a beautiful woman changed all the rules.

The Shop – 1 (Excerpt)

The Shop – 1 (Excerpt)

Aspen, Colorado As Nick Holloway crossed the street to his car, he noticed a man on the sidewalk, eyes closed, face tipped up toward the sun. It was a perfect day. Nick himself felt some appreciation for the pure blue sky, benign sunshine and cool shadows, although they didn’t really touch him. That was just […]

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