Working Abroad is a Dream


Working Abroad

Working Abroad

Let me tell you what happened to me about 3 years ago. I was young and quite naive at that time.

Like any other person who lives in the former Soviet Union, I used to think that people abroad, especially in places like the USA, Canada, Europe or let alone Japan and Australia, work very little hours and get thousands of dollars for the work they do.

At that time I used to feel so discouraged and less motivated that I did not want to work and live in Tashkent. So I decided to go abroad to experience some kind of happiness and find a good job.
At the beginning, I worked in the hotel and later joined language school.

Surprise, surprise!!! I found myself working for 14-16 hours in the hotel and later more or less same working hours in the language school. Did I make the money I wanted to??? Well, more or less yes!!! For that period it was good money and I was sending quite a good amount of money to my family back home.

But my perception about the so-called luxurious life abroad changed. I saw how hard and long hours people work there and get paid a good amount of money, which usually seems huge in our eyes. The money they were making perhaps was good to spend in their own home country but in that country, it did not make a big difference and a big sense. And the same thing was about me too.

Although I was happy, I was feeling that I was missing out on quite a lot of things in my life. For example, being together with my family!!!! I was feeling like a machine that is supposed to earn money all the time.

After that, I decided to come back home. Now while working in Tashkent, I don’t focus solely on money but I try to look around myself and feel happy that I have the meaning of my life, good and supportive colleagues, lovely and hard-working students and wonderful friends. But at the same time, I try to keep myself financially healthy by taking several jobs.

Since my return to Tashkent, I have been offered 3 or 4 jobs abroad. Oooops!!! Excuse my people I will think very carefully this time before going abroad to work. What about money??? What is the point of going abroad to make a little more money than your own town and live all alone without any LOVE???!!!!

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