Washington Overhaul


Washington Overhaul

As we continue to hear the news, a count down of sorts from the television, computer, and listen to breaking news – wondering if the House will give in to compromise – the major figures are on vacation – but should they take a vacation when the country is in such turmoil? 

A promise to return to Washington D.C. with a new bill – as of last night the member of the House never started it.  Are they concerned about us?  If this country is about to fall over a fiscal cliff, should they be entertaining and partying with friends and relatives, even if it is a holiday, individuals elected to protect us, and this country.

Washington OverhaulWhen they return, side on opposite sides in the House – will they recall the everyday problems of Americans seeking a job, or the cost of gas, food, etc., and the real estate market – it seems to me their concern comes to be when it means something is happening to their welfare.

The shape of this country depends on them, and it’s unfortunate we have a House that seems to be filling the shoes of the old GOP members, compromise, raise taxes on the rich.. just isn’t in their ballpark.

They were worried when their stocks fell – and lost the third house they purchased on some island.  You see, anything that means hitting their own pocket – knocked down – like a pile of plastic bricks.

When it comes to the traveling House – it is not out of their pocket but ours.

They take trips across the country, home again, back again – while we take fewer trips because of the cost to fly anywhere – which has more than doubled, and if you are lucky enough, and planning a trip with the family,  you might find better rates if you drive for three hours to a smaller airport.

Fair – I do not believe the members of the House know that word in the Grand Old Party.  I believe they are looking back at those forty years when the people voted them out – forty years when they had no control over the House, and the country was like a flower opening for the first time in spring – everyone working, jobs to fill, etc.  Today the GOP is making up for lost time for the second time.

Oh, look back at History and you too will see the mistakes, how they fouled up in the first four years.  If you forgot, take note of another article soon to be released.  You see, they were not in control but they controlled the future, with new, fresh faces who obeyed.

Who invented the name, Fiscal Cliff? – although it certainly is anticipated and if the House doesn’t sit in alphabetical order and start getting to know both sides, this country will continue to fall to pieces – we will be under a giant mudslide.

House members should show concern for the people they represent – and for others – like those who have gone years without a home in La., and the South – still not up and running, nor paid attention to by the members of the house.

Now we have N.Y.  The Governor takes to the airwaves –  we hear from the Gov. who has no answers regarding where the money will come from to return those who lost everything – to allow some normalcy back into their life.  So, the House wants the State’s to control more of the cost of Government?  How many times have you heard, “Hand it over to the State’s.”

The fiscal cliff, a day in the life of the house, when after forty years they are at home celebrating the holidays, while people suffer –  changes have to be made when it comes to rules for the House and Senate – they no longer can sit down and giggle like school children when the opposite party has real concern.  The people do not want to hear it anymore. Stop running for office, first – and do your job while you are in D.C.

Take a long look at all the issues on the board – and imagine if the government took it upon themselves to find the culprit of the war with every bit of our high intelligence, we would never be in the shape we are in today – this being the longest war of any way known to mankind.

We ruined our own country.  Perhaps it is time the House and Senate begin to understand the damage they caused – and remember the lives lost.  Let us not continue down this path of destruction.  We have people willing to work things out, even if they are not, elected officials.  That is another story – controlling the cash flow into the hands of the money man.  Washington needs an overhaul.

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  1. Avatar of Robert Politz
    Robert Politz says

    Does anybody really know what time it is…?
    As always, this cycle of take, take, take will repeat until the pendulum swings back to the other side. It is quite predictable you know.

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