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Virtual Friendship or Noble Friends on Facebook?

Virtual Friendship

Everyone is looking for the people of his or her level – spiritual, educational, social, and cultural – in their lives. We have to meet people in our lives with whom we meet thanks to our fate.

We become friends for life with some of them and we part with each other after a first conversation or meeting, because we did not concur in the views concerning life and current problems or different views on politics, religion, traditions, and customs.

It never occurred to me that there could be virtual friendship, which can have a positive impact on your existence, judgments, behavior, and attitudes towards people to whom you are connected with some invisible thread.

We met with Celina McDonald 1,5 years ago on Facebook, and we started to communicate. I remember our first conversation online when each of us tried to explore one another as far as possible.

Summarizing our first conversation I want to highlight those aspects (point of contact), which laid the base of our virtual female friendship: belief in God (she’s a Christian, I`m a Muslim), our husbands are doctors, we are the mothers who bring up children (boys and girls), we are concerned about the problems of society (discrimination against women, problems of adolescence, family problems).

During our conversations we are trying to find answers to issues, considering the opinions of each other and sharing our experiences.

One day (it was Easter, and I studied for a master’s program in Thailand) a student gave me a package and said that it was from Celina. I was perplexed… It was a box of chocolates. It was the most enjoyable moment in my life as it demonstrated the attention of a person who is 1000 miles away from you, but remembers and thinks about you and wants to bring joy to your life. After a while, I had some problems in my life, and Celina was once again “close” to me.

There was no limit to my surprises… It is a real nobel woman who does not expect anything in return, who is ready to help you in times of trouble, who is ready to provide moral support in times of depression and be close to you without being opportunistic. I am amazed by her generosity, wisdom and kindness, love of God and enjoyment of life, the beauty of soul, and kindness of heart.

Kamen Bonov is another friend with whom we met on Facebook. The first conversation was very interesting … After the answers to his questions, he was warned that our friendship can last for 2 weeks because after 2 weeks the men who are trying to ask questions of private nature will be removed from my list of friends.

But he laughed and promised that he will follow all rules of etiquette. A month, half a year and already 1.5 years passed since our first conversation which turned into a virtual friendship. Once again, fate pushed me with a nobleman who stands out among friends and familiars with whom we have the same views on life.

This man has such traits as intelligence and refinement, honesty and sincerity, punctuality and nobility, ability to hear and listen to you, ability to provide moral support for those moments when you meet with problems, and be able to enjoy your success. By his actions, he paints a “portrait” of a veritable man who deserves respect and admiration. And most strangely there is a friendship between a man and a woman that does not require any commitments from their relationship.

From aforesaid, I want to say that virtual friendships can have a positive impact on people, and promotes the ability to show feelings to friends and follow their noble actions and positions in public and private life. Look for like-minded people and become a noble person and appreciate your friendship!

All need to survive in this world,
All need to experience and appreciate…
Misfortune, pain, betrayal, grief, gossip…
All must pass through the heart.

But most importantly in the darkness of manic century
We should resist what would not happen in our life
Be sensitive to the grief, to remain human
And warmth of hearts does not get lost…

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