Trump as Julius Caesar?


Trump as Julius Caesar?

I’m not sure how he’d look in a toga. No, I am not sleep-deprived or sillier than usual.

I’ve become a fan of the writings by London Mayor Boris Johnson. I’m planning a later essay about his book The Dream of Rome.
Rome never really caught my interest before.

Trump as Julius Caesar?

Thanks to Boris Johnson, it does now. I was reading about how Caesar, who was very wealthy, was working to become a populist leader.

When Donald Trump threw his hat into the seventeen-ring Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus, also known as the Republican Party Presidential Debates.

There was The Donald, traveling to Laredo, Texas with a ball cap and an open shirt. I took a Latin American History class in college. All I could think of was Juan Peron.

Going back to the Roman Republic, Caesar’s populism scared the more conservative senators. Rome overthrew its last king in 509 B.C. Many thought Caesar wanted to be a dictator.

The present in the United States is a little like the end of the Roman Republic before Caesar’s great-nephew, Octavian became the first Emperor Augustus.

As with the end of the Roman Republic, money and buying influence are major in our political discourse. Senators are trying to become leaders.

Donald Trump can stay in the race as long as he likes. The outrageous things he says are hitting certain nerves in our society.

We have gridlock in Washington. We have legislative warfare. Rome was in an ongoing civil war for a century. People are groping for someone.

Mr. Trump hasn’t claimed he is Caesar. I probably shouldn’t give him any ideas.

Benjamin Franklin said, “We have a republic if we can keep it.”

  1. Avatar of andrewjsacks
    andrewjsacks says

    Simply put: Donald Trump as clown and bad joke, and the poll numbers showing more about Republican voters than about him.

  2. Avatar of tucsonmike
    tucsonmike says

    He is a joke, Andrew, and the Republican Party seems hell bent on putting itself out of business. Thank you for responding.

  3. Avatar of andrewjsacks
    andrewjsacks says

    Good reply. Thank you too.

  4. Avatar of Rastifan
    Rastifan says

    Made another one of the sack of fetid rectal discharge that is Trump

  5. Avatar of
    Anonymous says

    waasss good

  6. Avatar of tucsonmike
    tucsonmike says

    Why thank you, Anonymous lol. I may have enough for an entire ebook of Trump Essays.

  7. Avatar of Michael Staib
    Michael Staib says

    Please, play it smart: vote for Trump—not an alleged criminal who presumably jeopardized national security interests by purportedly deleting over 33,000 classified, confidential emails, lest the public perhaps discovers she used her personal server! Liberal or conservative, whatever your ideological views/politics, please out of common sense, choose the more trustworthy candidate, not a suspected felon who belongs on trial, and incarcerated, if proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt!!

    Excellent piece, nonetheless, tucsonmike!!

  8. Avatar of tucsonmike
    tucsonmike says

    Thank you Michael. For the record, I voted for Gary Johnson. I sent my mail ballot in, with my conscious in tact.

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