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To Love Without Borders

To Love Without Borders

To Love Without Borders

Why is it that some people deny what they don’t understand? Why do some turn up their noses at people who choose to live outside borders?

So many choose to live in a safe bubble, taking no risks, never overstepping the self-made invisible limitations. People become comfortable living securely. They convince themselves that they are experts on happiness.

In this denial, they are certain that everyone else should live in a parallel situation, in a way securing their narrowed beliefs, whether it is in religion, personal beliefs, love…yes, even love.

What happens when our way of life is tested? Are our values put to the test? What happens when love finds us when we least expect it? From a familiar stranger?

Just when we think it’s impossible, the possible happens. Love stumbles upon us. Shining a bright light on our needs and wants.

Love knows no boundaries or miles of distance. Love knows no race or religion. Love has no discrimination. Love climbs the highest mountain and sails the deepest ocean. Love never fails or takes a vacation. It seeps into every layer of our being.

To each and every person God has made a soul mate, this I do believe. Everyone should be blessed to find their true love or the person who brings them laughter and emotion. The one who brings them alive.

For me, finding mine has been amazing. I can say with all certainty when that one person comes along there are no words to describe the feeling that manifests itself inside the heart. The miles melt away. The color of skin fades. The cultural differences disappear. What is left is pure passion—a love that is untainted by the world’s beliefs of what is right and wrong in our society or what is misunderstood by the majority. To love without borders.

Sometimes it’s necessary to take a chance—maybe not in love, but possibly in a career, a lifestyle change, whatever it is that challenges you. Be willing to step outside of your bubble. Be willing to believe in something. Find the amazing.

To my dearest husband…he has shown me great love.

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