What Does it Take to Be a Mother?


to Be a Mother

To Be a Mother

When I was younger, I once asked my mother what the best part of her day was, and without second thoughts, her answer was – every second that you call me because you needed me.

I found it absurd knowing the fact that almost every minute, we would call her to fix things for us, even as simple as getting an extra blanket because we were too lazy to get it ourselves.

Growing up watching my mom juggle too many things at the same time had me thinking of never wanting to become a mother someday. I mean, who would want to have a 24-hour job with no breaks, day-offs, vacations, and worst, salary? And all the time, you have to deal with hard-headed children and endless household chores.

So what makes a mother?

What does it take to become a mother? And why are they so special even to the point of granting them a special occasion to wit, making us go crazy over what to give as Mother’s Day Gifts? These are the questions that I did not want to be confronted with.

Fortunately, the good heavens above twisted my fate and turned the tides, and eventually had me traverse to the other side of maternal phobia. And these are some of the wonderful things I have learned on my journey of being a mother.

I learned that the phrase “It’s Okay, Mommy’s here,” works like magic. That there is only one pretty face and every mother has it. And that the cliché “Mothers Know Best’ oftentimes means “I told you so” or otherwise signifies that you have to get your mother’s approval on everything even on your choice of women.

More than that, I learned that being a mother is not just being the source of support, but of comfort too. Not only a source of trust but of loyalty. Not just a source of friendship but of unconditional love. Because being a mother involves a bundle of emotions that, most of the time, defies reason.

Because being a mother means giving life but not living it for your children, it means teaching them things but not learning it for them, letting them know what’s right from wrong but not deciding it for them, it means giving them freedom but at the same time not be accountable for them.

Because being a mother is to support your children all the way. Even if they choose to take to the road. Because being a mother is always to be there even if it hurts. Because the unfathomable fact is, you can never stop being a mother.

So what does it take to become a mother?

It takes unbelievable and immeasurable courage. And why are mothers so special? Because they can take the place of all other people and expect nothing in return. And why are they so important to be remembered – because they brought you into this world and even gave up theirs so you can be happy.

I know this because I have a very wonderful mom. And now that I am one, the best part of my day is the fact I am important. I am valued. I am needed, and I can love my children with unconditional love all my life.
And I will.

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