The Mexican Wall


The Mexican Wall

The Mexican Wall

This isn’t new; the controversy with Mexico started early in The Donald’s campaign. He wants to build the United States version of the Great Wall of China and wants Mexico to pay for it.

I don’t think the first emperor of China all those centuries ago, thought to demand money from the nomadic tribes they were trying to keep out. Keeping them out was the main prerogative, and the Emperor wasted no time with forced Chinese labor to build the wall.

That didn’t mean the wall stopped all the invaders. If you think American Football, the Great Wall is the Offensive Line, and every so often, the Quarterback, or in the case of China, the Emperor got nailed for the sack, which ended his career.

Of course, you will not have forced labor building this wall, but highly skilled and paid labor.

Well, what kind of wall will it be? According to The Donald, the best Mexican Money could buy. Is that why the Mexican Peso is the lowest it has ever been against the United States Dollar? Isn’t Donald being contradictory? He has to have the Mexicans he wants going here to funnel what would be the remittances to send to Mexico into building the wall to keep more from coming.

There is a famous gate in the Great Wall of China. It is the farthest western point on the Great Wall. From this gate, exiled Chinese through the centuries were sent out into the Central Asian deserts. Some wrote poetic graffiti about this.

Imagine The Donald saying to the Mexicans who paid for the wall, “Well done, there’s the border gate, march!”

What is this wall going to look like? Is the Border Patrol going to be replaced with soldiers in towers with guns? How far back from our border do you put this wall? It won’t look good if those shot on sight are hit on the Mexican side of the wall.

Does Mexico have to place warning signs miles into Mexico, about the danger of being shot on sight? I’m just asking these questions. Yes, I know curiosity killed the cat, but I enjoy asking questions.

The Donald never told us what is in store for the Canadian border. Probably stick with wolverine traps in the woods for now.

With The Donald as President, what happens to our relationship with Mexico? Will all the Americans who retired there be thrown out and have to come back here. What happens to our trade, which also involves Canada, because of NAFTA?

The Mexican response is my silly side. Two things.

The Warner Brothers Character Speedy Gonzalez. I like Speedy and know he is politically incorrect these days, but I’m politically incorrect, so it all fits. Speedy can run around like a mad mouse in the Oval Office, making The Donald crazy. Is this the Mexican weapon of mass destruction?

What prompted me to write the essay. A BBC story about people along the Rio Grande, making Piñata of The Donald. Some of those Piñatas are ending up in the United States.

The First Emperor of China had his terra cotta army. Can Mexico have the same with Pinatas? Will the Piñatas be banned as illegals?

There may be more silliness to this story. Tune in.

  1. Avatar of Mobile
    Mobile says

    I do not agree, and i don’t think that he was serious. This would be a very bad thing in mo opinion

  2. Avatar of Music
    Music says

    I have the same opinion, Mobile. It would be a terrible fact if this would be true. I can’t even imagine.

  3. Avatar of Michael Staib
    Michael Staib says

    BUILD THAT WALL DONALD! Finally, someone with enough sense to defend our borders—thwarting ILLEGAL immigration, which bears a holistically internecine, inimical influence on American culture–exacerbating crime, predisposing additional terrorism, and depriving perhaps the most destitute of citizens from needed occupational opportunities! THANK YOU JESUS for Donald Trump—-The DONALD in 2016!

    Though we respectfully disagree, I enjoyed the thought-provoking, insightfully written article, which piqued my interest! Michael

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