The Greatest People We’ve Never Met


The Greatest People

The Greatest People

The Greatest People you never meet and the Ones you meet and cherish!

It’s amazing the ties that bind people, some they’ve never actually met. Technology has made communication possible on a level I’m certain even the developers of such devices are astounded by it. We build relationships with strangers that suddenly become friends, and before long they become people we depend on.

These people help us with tasks we cannot accomplish by ourselves, sometimes because we are not capable of certain things, especially for me if it’s computer related or sometimes it’s because we’re not in the position to negotiate certain things within an organization.

Our go-between people per se, become our lifelines and often we’ve never met.

I am surrounded by invaluable people I have never met. They have my best interests in mind, working hand-in-hand with me toward a common goal. They are helpful, and I can say go above and beyond what is expected of them.

I feel incredibly lucky that these people are on my side so to speak and was fortunate to meet a couple of them in NY. One lady, in particular, I work very well with. We’re a good fit in a working relationship, and I consider her a valuable part of my personal goal.

I have other amazing people in my life I have never met; one would be a birth mother. I have never met her, but I know she’s there. I can only imagine on some level her heart shattered the day she parted with her child. Though she knew, and she did, she made the most unselfish sacrifice, for the love of a child a parent could make.

She crosses my mind often, especially since my mother passed, but I hope if I ever cross hers she knows deep down within that all is well, she too is a great woman.

Other important people in our lives we meet by chance. They become important to us on a level we had no idea was possible, becoming invaluable mentors. My mentor didn’t know me from Adam…but is someone I hold the deepest regard and respect for.  I am a writer/author, and for me, my mentor came unexpectedly.

She believes in my work on a level I didn’t believe a stranger possibly could, but she does and is no longer a stranger but a friend.  She has taken the time to guide me and freely shares her knowledge; her advice is priceless. I take her words to heart and listen to every one of them…I have never had a mentor before, and I feel very fortunate we crossed paths.

One day my mentor said something so simple and yet so profound to me. It changed the way I wrote, one sentence and it clicked! That’s a powerful mentor. Her expertise I do not take for granted, so when she says something I truly listen. Her words were simply these. “The reader’s switch is different than the writers, once your write, switch your switch.”

That one sentence was like a light bulb for me, and I hold on to it. I am sure that for those that have mentors, they too have had such a moment. We do not take those moments lightly, nor should we, we treasure them as we should.

The greatest people we’ve never met and the ones we meet and cherish….we need and appreciate them all!

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