Soul Mates: Do they Exist?


Soul Mates

Soul mates are two people who share the same common interests and manage to fall deeply in love.

Unions of this nature are required in order to form strong bonds and families. Some people wonder how they can find their other half. The answer is to never actually look at all.

Soul MatesThe heart becomes a compass guiding the star-crossed lovers into each other’s arms. Sometimes it even takes an individual to run through several bad relationships in order to come to the person that he or she was destined to meet. Finding a soul mate becomes a question of when not how. Fate eventually comes into play whether several months earlier or several years later than expected.

I believe that a person doesn’t have to go through E Harmony or have their friends set them up on blind dates to finally meet a soul mate. It could be a person that an individual overlooks; a childhood friend, an old secret admirer, a high school heartthrob, or even that handsome co-worker who smiles from across the room.

Feelings for this person should always come naturally, and it’s very important that once these emotions are felt he or she express them immediately.

Similar interests in hobbies, personality, and career goals are always a good sign. In some rare instances, some people even resemble their potential partners! My husband and I are soul mates. We met while I was a freshman in college. That time in my life was very stressful. I had a nasty breakup with my former boyfriend. I actually believed that a good man was only available in films and fairy tales.

I began resenting the thought of ever accepting anyone into my life for fear of being used abused and thrown out like an old shoe. I remember being at my writing class and literally pinching myself to wake up. Then suddenly a young man comes to sit next to me. I try to scoot over but there was no room. I was stuck desk to desk with this young man who wouldn’t stop staring at me. I tried not to return stares but then curiosity overtook me.

Something kept telling me to look, and when I did the wind was literally knocked out of me. He asked me my name, and from there we spoke for an entire year. I found out that we had too much in common both physically and mentally. We were both the same weight, the same height, and we had the same facial features. When we openly started our relationship, everyone assumed that it was my brother walking me to school.

We are both left-handed and love to travel and explore new things. In time, we got married and haven’t left each other’s side since. No man is an island. I tried to be more into myself and I discovered very quickly that it only made me sad and bitter.

Companionship is a necessity in life. Precious moments that are spent with your soul mate are worth more than any worldly materials offered. He or she takes pleasure in the days that they share whether it is lived in the lap of luxury or like most common folk. Together, the couple journeys through life taking their steps as one.

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    Joyce White says

    Wonderful writings whether you believe or not. Soul mates are rich in poetry, romance and heroes in the arts; meeting a soul late in life can set rockets off.

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