Skinny on Meditation


Skinny on Meditation

Skinny on Meditation

Little do people know that Paramahansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi, brought yoga from India to the western world. 

No one even remembers Paul Brunton, British Journalist/author/mystic, who brought the practice of meditation to mainstream audiences.

Last Thursday, I went to OISE’s at UFT, where I attended Sahaja Yoga, where I saw beginners being taught how to meditate. Vyacheslav Kireev, a UFT Psychology student, was the head of this collective meditation. On past occasions, an associate Professor of Philosophy guided this collective.

All ethnic origins are represented, including Muslims, Hindus, Eastern Europeans, Southeast Asians, and Anglo Saxons. Sometimes at this gathering, you can find students, lawyers, some writers, or even a professional video editor. Daily meditation helps ease stress, anxiety, depression, and some health problems.

Go online and find a center near you, whatever form you wish to practice. “Sahaja Yoga meditation, among other things, opened up a space of serenity in my being that helps me to navigate in this world and withstand its troubles. It’s truly amazing how spirituality can be so tangible and so easily shared.

Just give it a try, check out to find information about the classes in your neighborhood, and also experience an awakening of your spiritual energy just in front of your monitor. Wish you good luck!” Vyacheslav, 10-year practitioner, UofT student.

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    Andrew J. Sacks says

    Paul, thank you for the information. There are, indeed, many roads to Rome…

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