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Sex and the City

Sex and the City

Who didn’t see the movie yet?

Who didn’t watch this pure girl’s movie? It’s not so much the content of the movie, and I agree, some of the dramatic aspects of relationships in general, are a bit extreme, but it’s a movie worth watching. Gather all your girlfriends and watch it together, which is exactly how I experienced it. 8 girls enter a pit full of women, who are all trying to prove their sense of fashion as if each one of them was at least Cary Bradshaw.

It was so obvious, the impact that those four friends had on women around the world: each lady was more fashionable than the next!

There were also a few men in the audience, and it was for me a bad experience to hear their negative comments. It seems as if the women were trying to keep this movie only for themselves.

I mean because of this movie, many myths were shattered, marriages, children, friendships, gays, lesbians, and still the man that actually came with his girlfriend to the movie, trying to support her passion or will, got such a negative reaction!  It shows that women can’t really make up their minds.

(What do you want from your men? It’s so confusing for men, you really should make up your mind, or stop complaining.)
Back to the movie: the audience reaction to each scene sounded to me like fans at a football match when disappointed or delighted in such a unity, it was amazing!

It felt no one in the cinema wanted the film to end. You got out all satisfied, all age groups and what is yet to come, whether you are married (plus) or single over 35 , careerist or housekeepers, and of course, we should not neglect those young 20-year-old ladies, who were, I am sure, feeling excited to get older, to have the experience of the older age.

I mean it’s again a new era, were women are starting to lead an accomplished life at the age of 50… You are on top of things and wise. I can not wait to get that smart and to experience a higher achievement.

To sum up: It’s a great movie! How light you might want to take it, or how deep you want to go, it’s enjoyable and funny.
Go watch it.

  1. Avatar of Brunella.Colonna
    Brunella.Colonna says

    I agree, a great movie!

  2. Avatar of K.C.DeVille
    K.C.DeVille says

    Thank you for sharing! This is my favourite movie!

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