Seeking Friends


Seeking Friends

Seeking Friends

To find yourself a good friend can be as difficult as finding a life partner.

Where does one look for them? With so many dating sites, so many pick-up bars, clubs, the list goes on and on; we have so many possibilities to help those who can’t catch it the natural way. An entire ocean is created for this purpose only, just come and start fishing.

What about those who are seeking a platonic special someone, those who want to expand their social circle, those who like and enjoy exchanging thoughts?

Those who moved to a different country, might be too embarrassed to start a simple conversation with others who are not close to them. Those from whom the wrong words come out of their mouths all the time, and those who can’t make a good first impression are always misjudged. Or let’s say that you seem to get drawn into the wrong kind of social group which has proved to damage your personality.

It would be so much easier if there were places to meet new friends, or maybe a club for members only. All visitors should be friendly and open to making new friends no matter what their background may be, where there are no strings attached. It’s purely a mingling place, to enjoy as much socially as a person wants.

Those who are looking to enjoy pure conversation and spiritual connection between people. A place where the other has nothing to do with your personal life. People do not visit because they need to compensate for something that’s missing in their lives or personality. Just being curious with an open mind.

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    Susanne says

    I always make the wrong impression. At least that’s how I see it. Will try to be less embarrassed in my contact with people.

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