Other Sentient Species Would be Reluctant to Visit Us


Other Sentient Species

With all that is happening in the world today, maybe it’s time to think about just what it is that makes the world such a troubled place. Scientists and theologians would have us believe that Earth is the only inhabited planet anywhere.

Other Sentient Species

I cannot believe that for a moment, although I do understand why another sentient species would be reluctant to want to visit us.

Why would any peace-loving race wish to come to a planet where the Earth’s most dangerous species, man, not only preys on other species but also kills its own kind without a second thought?

With each passing year, I am sickened by our drive for greed and destruction. I doubt there has ever been another species in the long history of this planet that has done so much to try and end its existence than us.

Why do we do it? What must it take to make us stop? Why can’t we simply live in peace without all the modern-day side issues like wanting to invade our neighbour, or get the latest gadget, or buy that new refrigerator because the one we have is five years old?

I wrote my latest science fiction novel The Next Age over a few months without once thinking about money. The thing had been cluttering up my mind for ages. Finally, it’s out of my head and published.

Today, because of the stupid way we all live here on Earth; we are conditioned to find employment to earn money to survive. Why? What is this insane notion of money anyway? You can’t eat it. It won’t keep the rain off your head. What you pay a pound for today will cost you double or triple by tomorrow. Who says we have to use money to survive? Why should we have to spend all our lives chasing money?

Most people you know (include yourself in this) are trapped in the never-ending loop of earning, saving, and spending money. Why?

There are only two things you can be certain of in this world if you are reading this, you were born, and you will surely die. Where does the money come into this except to hasten your demise by worrying about not having enough of it!

When you are too old to contribute to a company, or too sick, you are thrown on the scrap heap and forgotten about as I was when I had my last total nervous breakdown a few years back. Where does having money help here?

With spiraling inflation, or bad banking practice within the banking world, the money you have slavishly saved over your lifetime rapidly disappears down the monetary drain. So you swallow your pride and ask for a hand out from the state and what happens, you’re made to feel as if you are lower than pond scum – how dare you ask for help, go away and die you ungrateful wretch!

Any self-respecting potential visitor to this planet would be justified in saying, “Nice looking place, but I wouldn’t want to live there.”

  1. Avatar of Paula Boer
    Paula Boer says

    I’ve always considered humans less than the ‘top’ animal on earth, and find it presumptious of anyone to think we have a (so called God given?) right over other species – fauna or flora. There are far better creatures. Take, for example, dolphins and whales – they have friends and play, they nurture their families, they have no need for clothes, homes or possessions. They communicate, they have emotions, they can navigate the globe. I’m not saying their lives are perfect, but I’m certain we could learn a lot from their behaviour. As that famous quote in Men in Black goes, there are some species (out there) that think human thought is a virus.

    1. Avatar of Jack Eason
      Jack Eason says

      Here in the UK Paula, nightly on the news we see shocking cases of cruelty and abuse committed against the very young and the elderly being reported. Last night it was revealed that a couple had held three women in slavery for thirty years somewhere in South London. The youngest of the women was actually born into slavery…

      1. Avatar of Jack Eason
        Jack Eason says

        Now we hear that children in Syria are deliberately being targeted by snipers!!! What’s next? Targeting pregnant women just because they are not of the same sect (Sunni/Shia) within Islam as the shooter?

        Enough already!!!!

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