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Pressure at the Highest Level 2

Pressure at the Highest Level 2

Read Part One first.

One of the strongest groups in America, a group known to protect us from dangerous acts would be found, guilty of the attempt to bring down the World Trade Center.  A single man – the head of the NY FBI charged, publicly, but he never left government completely. 

According to the record, one man from the FBI searched to find the right person for the job, to play their game so Americans would not have adverse opinions’ concerning a change in their government.

Oswald Killed by Ruby

Remember, this has been happening since the start of government the only difference would be who, what, when, and where. The outcome would eventually be positive with some bumps along the way, while the American people remain in limbo.

Remember the “Northwood Plan,” (from part one) what made this different would be several attacks on our own soil.

First, the FBI found the right man, an Egyptian army officer, and paid him one million dollars, gave him real explosives, a detonator; it would be up to the army officer to find his helpers

Remember, this House would be the first, in forty years, controlled by the GOP.  Those few people were planning this for years, and when they entered the House to take over as majority, so did lots of money enter their own pockets, as discussed in part one.

The outcome was that some of the elite were arrested, brought up on charges, left government completely, while others received no penalty.

All this time when they were up to no good they turned the tide toward the President (for ten years) so the people of America learned about his life, instead of their life, and what would be happening down the road.

We are still on that road – it is a hard one to get off.  The original plan began for the new members of a GOP House back in Harvard and Yale, when they learned the ropes, which would control their future in government.

It is difficult for any American to believe that the head of the FBI of NY would order a foreign army official to penetrate a circle of extremists’, and allow, set up, and order the bombing to take place. Our protectors and a few at the higher level began their plan to change how our government worked.  If you look back in our history of administrations, when the cat was not playing with the mouse, something drastic would occur.

It has been a belief among many people, high officials did this for one thing, to create anti-terrorism – somewhat like the past as pointed out in part one regarding Pearl Harbor, for the sake of war.  The attempt on the World Trade Center did not succeed as planned.  The men working for an army officer parked the truck loaded with explosives too far from the Trade Center and the total disaster failed; those inside the World Trade Center survived.

Some believe it was an inside job at the Oklahoma City bombing – filling our thoughts with disaster, death, and memories.  No one had time to think about why on that day in Oklahoma or concentrate on anything but the injured, and those who died.  The truck parked in front of the Federal Building was not what caused the damaged building since the building blew up from the inside.

Many people claimed, while on national t.v., they heard a second and third bomb, each one stronger than the first: Evidence of their statements can be heard on tape.  No one paid attention to the reports as everyone pitched in to help find survivors.  No one thought about the fact additional explosives went off after the initial three bombs.

Do you recall this happened at the time the House and those who lobbying for gun control in addition to a bill concerning the death penalty?  Through the years all of this seems to fade, new events take its’ place.  President Clinton was for gun control of certain weapons, he believed in guns for the purpose of hunting, recreation, etc. but why would anyone need a high-powered machine gun, similar to those used at war.

Partin wondered why the Federal building blew up from the inside out – not the outside in – this would be the first time the public paid attention and knew there was more to this story then a young man and his friend.  Although a seismograph registered across the street proving there was more than one explosion, but certain people believed it was only Timothy McVeigh.

By this time any evidence surfaced the damage was over. Remember, when horror strikes minds play tricks on you, and what you hear you believe becomes, “I think so.”

One important point to remember regarding the explosions at the Oklahoma Federal Building, warnings were received the day before.  The ATF received a tip of the bomb and agents stayed away blaming it on a briefing they had to attend.  The Director of the Terrorist Task Force checked into a nearby hotel the night before the bombing.

So Timothy in Oklahoma and Lee in Texas acted alone.  My thoughts are different, when Oswald said he was a patsy, he was a patsy.

The ultra-elite during the time of Kennedy was not fond of Civil Rights and they certainly did not want troops pulled out of Viet Nam since the heads of the largest companies were making money hand over fist regarding the Viet Nam War; I am sure you have heard about the cost of paper towels, etc.  At the same time, those insiders believed they were better than a black man or woman and the last thing they would support would be equal rights.

Here we have a President known for his support that “All men are created equal.”  You see, huge companies began to add up why they never liked Kennedy.  It is my belief certain officials of different industries met together to plan the killing of Kennedy.

Regarding the patsy, I believe one of their own men was trained, his looks altered, his talking exact, but his behavior was planned to be rude, outspoken, so those who talked with the plant – remembered him a few days later to be Lee Harvey Oswald.  It would be the perfect plan, Oswald, employed at the book depository needed curtain rods, the same length of a rifle; as mentioned by fellow employees.

Someone took his gun and planted it near the window with empty shells.  When the news was released with a name attached, far too quickly, members of the community such as a man who owned an auto dealership said, “Oswald caused a big commotion.”  We found out later Lee never searched for a car, or afford a car at the time.

There was no way Lee could have killed the officer, Tibbit, when he would never make it back to downtown hiding in a movie theatre.  The plant killed the policeman.  Oswald was known as a quiet man at work, but he was portrayed as a rude, inconsiderate person in public places.

The powers in charge placed a plant, someone they designed, trained and caused the immediate arrest of an innocent man.  Remember, the proof has been told over and over, Oswald never could make it home, then kill a police officer, and be found in the theatre.

Reporters talked about the hobo’s who were allowed to remain around the picket fence, the photographs show the outline of a man in a uniform, they all managed to get out of Dallas wearing fake badges, uniforms, along with fake representatives for the FBI who pushed the crowd away from the grassy knoll.

The assassination of President Kennedy opened the door to controversy when it came to planning major disasters on our own soil, as the press pestered, and wanted more information, often they would receive a warning to keep quiet.

How many times do you see one viewing of something important, and it is removed from further news broadcasts.  We all know George W. Bush asked for no photos of men and women returning home from war in coffins.  He felt this would upset the people when I believe in his own mind, he believed the pictures would show the loss of life.

It reminds me of all the flags attached to homes, cars, buildings, bridges, flying for those who lost their life, and the President on the news week after week telling us to be patriots. When the President was on the Navy ship, wearing a navy uniform, he made the public believe the war was over – it had only just begun.

In Oklahoma reports began to surface from security tapes; a man with an olive complexion exiting the van in front of the Federal Building, but still it ended up a one-man conspiracy to blow up this Federal Building alone.

The tides were turning, and the people of America were watching the destruction of life by groups unlike those who fought previous wars, they believed in the United States of America.  No one could do damage on their own soil.

This began the Middle Eastern connection to destroy the United States Government.   After Oklahoma, Middle Eastern men, were detained at airports, and reports surfaced blaming an Iraq Citizen for the bombing of the Federal Building.  There was no solid evidence, or if there was evidence it was destroyed.  Those who were suspect, were released. (see part one)

When the disaster of 911 occurred it came over the news, within a very short time, a confession by Bin Laden – but given the sophisticated equipment, anyone’s voice could be whomever in a matter of minutes.  This transition from a patsy was far more time-consuming during the training of the false Lee Harvey Oswald.

Remember, the Pentagon was hit, but certainly not by a large plane, anyone could see this from photographs; a round hole happened to hit the newly constructed area which could survive a missile attack, and there was no evidence of any plane; only a few pieces from a smaller plane which seemed to be a plant.  A plane with wide wings not damaging the building, how could we believe this?

A plane does not disappear into thin air without leaving a trace; in photos, you see chairs still standing near the open hole and computers on top of desks.  It quickly became a larger hole when the crews arrived to put out the fires.

What did disappear were surveillance tapes, which surrounded the Pentagon.  They disappeared as soon as investigators went to confiscate them.

People were not sure what they saw that afternoon, but it traveled fast,  like a missile. How could anyone tell the press it was a missile when reports came over the news a specific plane crashed into the Pentagon?

Where did the plane go?  Where did the plane in Pa. disappear – without a single thing from the plane found scattered on the ground, it appeared to have been blown up on contact or a missile blew leaving a crater?

Why were the planes over the ocean when planes by the government were ordered to protect the skies around the city of New York and D.C?  Were those planes all destroyed on impact, I don’t believe so.  Orders given to our Government to protect the sky over New York City and Washington D.C. – may have been orders, but to destroy the plane we were told hit the pentagon.

When the government learned about the fight on the plane earmarked for the Capitol did they order it shot down?  Perhaps that plane was also one of the planes over the ocean.  Why were American fighter jets flying over the ocean, away from their so-called destination?

After hearing all of this, a video was shown to the jury during the investigation into 911, showing more than one bomber – but the FBI refused to release them to the public. The head of the AFT did say surveillance cameras with evidence were found around the Pentagon but the people were told no video or photos were confiscated.

What did happen – gun relief – following the attack on 911, the House passed a bill allowing three times as much money to go into the purchasing of guns to protect cities, which meant it tripled since the attack on the Federal Building in Oklahoma.  But gun relief was only the beginning…

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