Pressure at the Highest Level 1


Pressure at the Highest Level 1

When too much pressure lands on the desks of those at the highest level of government it seems to fall apart due to fear. 

As Americans, we reserve the right to question our government without fear and know the history behind what some people refer to as conspiracies.

Pressure at the Highest Level 1
Thomas Edison

To even think of conspiracy we have to imagine the large number of people involved in making the plans, place, and when, and then keeping it quiet.  Is conspiracy the true terrorism we fight?

First we must understand any President sitting in the White House is a figurehead and will remain so – much like the old fashion leader of a town who cuts ribbons.

Sure, the President can veto a bill, and most of all, declare war – but it is the power of the people and who we voted for who can cause trouble in high places.

When we speak of conspiracy it comes from deep inside the structure of any government.

Now take the word “fail” and add to it the name of any country and their heads of state – the worst thing that could happen is for a country to fail.

So if a country is on the verge of destroying itself, a push in the wrong direction could turn the tide or fatten the pockets of many and the culprit comes out a winner.

Failure goes back to big business – when the General Electric Genius Thomas Edison did not want to speak or be with Henry Ford – both alike, but one detested the other.  (As written in facts about Henry Ford and various quotes from Thomas Edison.)  When one said something, the other more often disagreed. Invitations were ignored to be a guest at large events in Chicago, and in New York.

Now go back further to the Dutch.  The Dutch wanted all the land and bullied (a new way of looking at their politics) their way to convince the Indians – purchasing furs for exchanging property – much of the land was sold to the Dutch for products but some of the lands which is thought to be owned by America is still in the name of certain tribes.

If you ever read the History of New York, published in 1868 you would know the problems the Indians faced, and learn properties are still left unclaimed but not reported as property owned by the State.  This is just one missing link too many puzzles.

Our Country experienced several wars, and wars taking place inside of war; inside the halls of Congress or the White House.  We can read history books to learn about the battles which linger on until the next one is ready to explode while they sit in their seat in the House or Senate – who are the powerful ones, who decides the rules to follow?

As recent as New Year’s Day we heard over and over, the President has won the first step of the battle regarding the fiscal cliff – but do you actually believe there was a compromise?

If you think they voted for the good of the people and not favors, or paybacks, or even votes – similar to what happened when a Republican Congress returned after forty years, many of the elite were found guilty and arrested, others were told to leave their seat and returned home.  Once you enter a circle there is no way out.   The powers that be, the highest players in Washington, do not always play fair with the people.

We must let them know – we are not slaves to those who were elected, we have a voice, and if we start speaking out those who secretly control this government may think twice.

Most of the advertisements prior to an election are false, used for one purpose, to tell voters what they want to do but we know how much of this really happens.  Advertising is a game by itself used by honest people and those who want to sell anything to the American public.

The political ads cost millions of dollars and supporters are the ones paying for them, some are supporting both sides to make sure they have a connection on the hill. In Washington, it is always payback time.

We watch men and women fight for the control of our government – but the ones who work behind closed doors run the House and Senate.  One disaster occured in the ’90s when the leader of the House and a lobbyist transported innocent victims of the House, to an Island under a false pretense, to show how well markets were doing with some of America’s best companies hiring employees for less than one dollar a day.

The most unfortunate part, these were immigrants shipped to the island, their passports taken, and they had to pay those in power six thousand dollars to get this job.  Once they arrived there was no way out.  It took an honest Congressman to investigate what he learned, is history.

I am not speaking over my head, but to you – because you understand where I am leading you – back in History which proves disasters happen and government changes.  In this three-part article, you will follow those steps, but most have no real answers, unlike the one I just mentioned.

Americans are told stories and we tend to believe what Washington reports, good or bad.  Most of the time it’s a handful of officals playing games to benefit themselves.  The games are not small, they remain in our hearts forever.

We have many stories about the plane which exploded over Long Island, and people were on the news within minutes reporting they saw a missle, no one ever investigated the fact, and what was seen was buried in the next news announcement. If what happened was a mistake, those involved should live up to it.

Who were the people who gained from prior conspiracies?  What happened to the war on drugs, or those who were arrested for something which they were not concerned with, but were placed in harm’s way to be a patsy.  What about the war, and terrorism; do you remember the first attack at the World Trade Center?

Proved and documented later orders came from our own FBI.  You see, how can we as Americans watch the death of our own people and ignore the truth, our own people complain one day, and forget the next.  Remember it is not the entire government, not the entire FBI, or perhaps not even a Government Agency, but it is a group of people who want to control this country.  Once war was real, but now it is man-made.

It was during the time of President McKinley when our own Navy began the Spanish American War – by blowing up a ship in the harbor.  And in 1864 Rome was torched by its’ own government to create trouble.  You see if things are not benefiting the right people the pot is stirred.

Records have surfaced that tell us the attack on Pearl Harbor was not a surprise to some in Washington who knew the actual day it would happen, but the people believed differently.  Roosevelt wanted nothing to do with war, but those who we call higher-ups, ignored him because they had the power, not the President.  These individuals wanted a war and planned its beginning to get what they wanted; the United Nations.

World War I was not like World War II, Americans who knew what was happening during the first war, were those from the Government who were in contact with foreign countries.  America entered the war at a later date, and as unfortunate as it was, more Americans died from the devastating flu of 1918, the year the war ended. World War II was different because of telephones and communication.

What about the nuclear tests around Las Vegas during the fifties, and our own Government believed we were safe.  They invited special guests to view the mushroom cloud, who protected their eyes with sunglasses.

Statistics were released and a book was written about the fall outreaching the East Coast, especially in the Capital District of New York – the individuals living there at the time of the testing would later be diagnosed with diseases such as cancer and multiple sclerosis, in clusters.

Let’s jump ahead a little to the Cuban Crisis and to President Kennedy who was not for war, but for the people – he began to pull the troops out of Viet Nam, and he also wanted to eliminate the CIA.

He believed he was the people’s President, and he could lead us out of harm’s way – when all the time he was the figurehead, he traveled, made speeches, shook hands, and unfortunately plans were being made behind closed doors. You see, Kennedy did what he believed in, not what big business believed in.  He wanted out of war, he backed Civil Rights, he was getting away with too much.  The handful of people who ran this country, either a handful of legislators or top business people, they did not want empty pockets.

Continued in part 2

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