Obama – Romney Debate: Let Me Talk


Obama – Romney Debate

Let me talk – was repeated during the second debate, and the Americans waited.

The debate, conducted as a town hall meeting, included those eighty-two people with their own questions for a candidate. First, why so many people, they too must have been rather upset watching two grown men constantly calling the other – wrong.  I did not want to use the other word, it may sound as if two grown men were bullies.  Isn’t that what we teach our children not to do?

Obama - Romney Debate

In my opinion, neither candidate gave a direct answer, although they certainly tried.  Let me point out a few very important issues that were either discussed or left untouched in my world, and yours.

Romney pointed out he has experience with economics; correct.  He pointed out his State has helped those without health care; correct.  He stated he has always balanced the budget; correct.

His outstanding record as a businessman is a plus regarding without fixing the economy nothing will help the middle class;  correct.  He stated everyone in business, no matter the size, he will help with fewer taxes to the government, which will build our economy; correct.

He mentioned, and this is a big one, he works on a bipartisan level; correct.

We know governors make great presidents, one example, President Clinton the  Governor of Arkansas, when he took office our country was in debt by the time he left office we had a surplus earmarked for seniors and to keep Medicare, and social security solvent.

What bothered me was the President speaking about all that he has accomplished with new jobs, but why has the unemployment climbed each year he has been in office?  Yes, he agreed to bring a foreign company to our soil, and following this so-called new influx of jobs are foreign people to fill them.  We here in America are hoping the amount of new business brought into one area in this country, will give the average American work.

We are still waiting.  The President mentions over and overworking with the community colleges.  I understand one specific issue, his work with Hudson Valley Community College, recently known as Hudson Valley College, which is now on the ground where Global Foundries is located.  The President hopes to use those students accepted into the program of high tech, for the corporation, when they graduate.

He came to the area and promised more schools will be built, nothing has happened, and four thousand families will be settling here, the second two thousand are soon to land on our shores. The schools need extra help with teachers who understand many foreign languages.  Students are seeing an influx of new students, while teachers lost their jobs during the last year.

Imagine, many of them were reading and language teachers, just when these teachers are needed the most.  I guess the President’s promises are kept on tape from the previous election.

His plan to improve our Country is putting people back to work, but without a place to work, without giving breaks to the employers to invest in their business no matter how large, this has not happened.

Although I have mentioned that my part of the country seems to be doing better than others, it is because of a large corporation needing high-tech talent.  This type of talent is not here, it is delivered to us, as I mentioned.  So where has he placed his efforts, not every American can hold a high-tech job, one with precise talent on a given area.  During the debate, he had to mention manufacturing jobs because the people in America come from all walks of life.

Many businesses, even in our area, have closed, unable to stay open due to the amount of money the government takes – amount sold, and those unemployed not shopping. It made sense – we all know if there are no jobs, how can anyone promise jobs without a plan to establish those falling apart first.

The President must add incentives to get the economy rolling.  People I have talked to who own small businesses say they can’t remain open, their doors are closing.  But, the President bailed out General Motors, did you know how he managed to do it?  I will let you figure that one out, I don’t want to get into trouble.

He also bailed out the banks – but let’s think back on those 29% interest rates, and when Hillary Clinton was Senator of NY she promised to cap the interest the banks were receiving on credit card debt, and she did.  Many banks promised the world and are now under target by those who believed them, some taken to court, and legal action is in progress.

The bank I am referring to was one offering those who took out an insurance plan on their card, would not be charged interest during those times when they could not pay due to unfortunate, legal circumstances.  They never kept their promise, and the cardholders kept receiving higher and higher payments due along with interest on top of it.

During this time the small banks and credit unions were all in good shape, and wanted to help the people as best they could – then the government slapped rules on them, regarding what they can and cannot do, after asking for money to bail out the larger banks.  This was outrageous, and should not have been the way to help those banks who corrupted the people.

As I comment on this debate, I pull no punches – I only report the truth.

Back to the manufacturing companies, since the old ones left cities throughout our country, but they also left toxic soil.  When manufacturing pulled out of cities they left a disaster.  Many new companies will not build on contaminated soil, and we know of clusters of disease due to the soil left by big industries. This must be addressed.

Now we know the effects of contaminated soil – statistics show clusters of people suffering from disease, within a city where cleaning up toxic waste is ignored by the previous tenants and the EPA. We are talking middle-class people living in middle-class cities.

City administrators continue to contact the EPA without any response.  Recently I wrote an article concerning the EPA, review this article where I have gone into detail.

The problem we have to face is the economy, yet during the second debate more bickering came from the candidates instead of truth, according to statements one made and the other denied.  We need a powerful person in office who does what he says during his trips around the country telling the voters, he will make things better and not worse.  You understand where I am coming from.

Another important statement was from our President when he mentioned this economy began when he took office; wrong.  The problems began after that horrible day in Sept. of 911, and continue to this day.

It seemed to me he was hunting for things to make him look like he has kept promises, with the right moves.  Unfortunately, his health care plan is not a perfect program, it needs more work, and it should not be put into place without more detail, choices, and a bipartisan panel, remember the saying, “why can’t we all get along?”

The entire evening appeared to be a setup when our President began the bickering and interrupting, making up for his loss the first time around.  But more important than gossip, is the truth.  We need to overhaul the health plan, we cannot allow this to go through, we need someone who understands the economy, we don’t have this person today.

People who know me know I speak on the issues, and what is being done, but not lies.  I say to these two men, be honest, tell it like it is.  People in our country are not bumps on a log.  We need honesty in government.

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