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Mr.J’s Social Networking Rant

Now I don’t want to go off on a rant here, but from the Facebook user that updates their status to “I’m typing on Facebook”, to the Twitter user that follows his stalkers so they can cut down on looking into the mirror, to the YouTube user that scheduled a colonoscopy because they needed new footage to upload, privacy has become harder to find than the chub-baby of Jimmie Hoffa, Carmen San-Diego & Waldo while playing hide-n-seek and wearing camouflage stitched from four-leaf clovers.

Here’s how you know if you rely on technology too much: If you make Zuckerberg with an unlimited gift certificate to Best Buy look like an 18th-century Amish elder during a power outage.

Truth be told folks, this pixilated portal to a sort of Social-networking-Stargate has been entered by Kurt Russell kids quicker than the dialogue of the Gilmore Girls rehearsing on Red bull & meth.

And it’s elicited a Macintosh-molecular reconfiguration of digital-discourse after caroming through the networking-nebulous, intergalactic-internet, Wi-Fiwormhole, vernacular-vortex, transporting talking into typing and typing into texting that landed somewhere in a parallel universe orbiting computer-coded-cyber space in this Google-Galaxy generational-gap so exuberantly extreme that nowadays fetuses are posing for sonograms because their online profile needs a new default picture.

Bottom line, there’s no escaping this computer cage even if you’re system freezes because it all comes full circle to your frozen screen as you try to escape the thought of freezing by bird watching then you’ll see a robin thinking of Batman and Robin then reminding you of their diabolical nemesis, Mr. Freeze, freeze, see the word freeze again, there’s no escaping unless someone frees you, frees, wait frees sounds like the word freeze, damn it, see, vicious cycle.

Of course, that’s just my opinion, I could be (socially) wrong.

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