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Men Are Silent About Being Abused

Men Are Silent About Being Abused

Men Are Silent About Being Abused

National Institute of Justice estimates that 1.5 million women are victims of domestic violence each year. In that same year, 835,000 men are abused by women.

It is said that whereas every 21 seconds somewhere in America a woman is battered – but every 38 seconds somewhere in America a man is battered.

Many people think that a man being abused does not go on, however, statistics show that men are abused but many do not report it.

To them, it’s embarrassing that they are being physically or mentally abused by a woman. They feel that most people won’t believe them. They will make excuses for their injuries.

Some of the feelings that they have and why they don’t report it to the police is from shame, they are worried that the female will turn the table on them and say that they were abusing her, and thinking that no one will believe him. Some men don’t do anything about it because their self-worth has been battered as well, and they feel that no one else would ever have them except the woman they are with and they would be alone for the rest of their lives.

Some victims just don’t want to make a change or they have small children that they want to stay and protect.

The news lately has been showing more abuse on men, but it’s still only after the man had been killed by the woman. Then most of the time the women will claim abuse was committed against them, with the man deceased, it’s impossible to question him about the events.

Domestic violence can take many forms. It can be physical, of course. But it can also be purely emotional or economic. Often, there is a combination of controlling behaviors, including:


Here are some resources if you’re in Florida. These resources said that they help battered men:

SHELTERS (407 area code)
Coalition for the Homeless: 426-1250
Crossroads Mission: 843-5269
Central Care Mission: 299-6146
Anthony House: 383-5577
Salvation Army 423-8581
Fresh Start Project 422-9781
COUNSELING (407 area code)

Cornerstone Institute: Bruce Stoakley 830-8808
Spouse Abuse Outreach Ctr. 895-6099
Christian Service Center 425-2523

If you are a man and being abused by your partner get help and stop unwanted abuse.  We have to stop the cycle of all abuse.  It takes a whole village of people to stop a problem.

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