Maid Of Honor Speeches


To really get people engaged you need to add some humor to your wedding speech. Funny maid of honor speeches gives you just the right amount of humor to make sure everyone is tickled with laughter while not going overboard or offending someone.

wedding-speechIn the back of my head, I knew the father of the bride would have his speech and I didn’t want to interfere with it using distasteful jokes towards him and the bride. Instead, I kept the humor light while at the same time thanking him for his speech.

Humor that works magic…

Boring wedding speeches do nothing but put people to sleep. When you add a little humor into your speech you grab the attention of the listens and they focus on the true meaning of your speech. Do not make the speech about you, but make sure the bride and groom are the center of attention.

When you are up there and even when you practice the speech many times beforehand you will be nervous. The best way to get rid of the this is to tell a few jokes that are tasteful, add in some emotional thing and top it off with some humor and the crowd will feel relaxed and engaged also.

This is a time for friends and family so when you do get up there to give your toast make it conversational. You aren’t talking as if you are a teacher in front of a class. These are people you care about and you want to connect with them not just say a bunch of words that are thrown at them with little meaning.

When you are talking make sure you distribute your eye contact through the crowd. Make sure you don’t stare at one person when giving your speech since that tends to make people uncomfortable so make sure you spread your gaze throughout the room.

Coming up with a funny maid of honor speeches is a great start and when you need more tips maid of honor speech examples is a great way to find them.

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