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Lizard People

Lizard People

“Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains,” Jean-Jacques Rousseau once said.

In early WWII, there was a famous story of how the Japanese government wanted peace with the United States. So they sent their top diplomate to Washington, offering Japan’s official surrender in WWII.

However, no one took him seriously (Debate over the Japanese Surrender | Atomic Heritage Foundation). It was also alleged that they then sent this same envoy to the Vatican, and they got the same result. At that time, the United States had the Manhattan Project in operation, where the first atomic bomb was created.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki

On August 06, 1945, an American B-29 bomber dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, and the bomb immediately killed 80,000 people. Tens of thousands more would later die of radiation exposure. Three days later, another atomic bomb was dropped on the Japanese city Nagasaki, instantly killing a further 40,000 people.

It was said that the bombings were widely believed to have played a decisive role in convincing Japan to surrender and bringing about an end to World War Two– yet the victors write the history books. In 1957, the USSR developed a craft that could fly into space, and thus, they had strategic nuclear capability over the United States. A few years later, however, America was able to build its own spacecraft which equaled this achievement. Then, in 1963, the USSR and the U.S. were embroiled in the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Since America had strategic nuclear capability over its enemy, the Generals in the Pentagon ordered President Kennedy to attack. Still, JFK blinked and averted nuclear war, which led to his assassination on November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas.

Tricky Dick

According to Conrad Black’s book Richard M. Nixon: A Life in Full in 1971, President Richard Nixon had a presidential order that crossed his desk in the Oval Office that suggested there was a thaw in the Cold War with the USSR. In fact, if we look back to when WWII ended, the Generals were in the White House. Former General Harry S. Truman would go on to serve as President from April 12, 1945, to January 20, 1953, and he was followed by another former General Dwight Eisenhower who served as President from January 20, 1953 – January 20, 1961.

Since Richard Nixon was U.S. V.P. from 1953 to 1961, Tricky Dick knew how the Military Industrial Complex operated. As a result, he would never even attempt to end the Cold War in the 1970s peacefully. Right beside him were Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and other warmongers—peace never happened. Thus, Nixon’s career was cut short by Watergate, and he was gone in 1974.

From then onwards, the United States spent all of its financial resources to amass the world’s largest stockpile of nuclear and chemical weapons. Twenty years later, according to Stevie Cameron in ‘On the Take: Crime Corruption and Greed in the Mulroney Years,’ the Cold War ended, the Berlin Wall collapsed, and three world leaders convened–them being President Ronald Reagan, Canadian PM Brian Mulroney, and Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev–and they proved successful in the establishment of the backroom, corporate hierarchy which heralded the birth of the New World Order.

BTW,  since that time, the U.S. and Russian military machines have trained together, and the presidents of both countries have shared the same bodyguards, one-half of each of them are Russian, and the other half is American.  Going onwards, the Bush Family Dynasty continued America’s warmongering ways with Gulf War I and the Second Gulf War which led to the deaths of thousands of military personnel and millions of citizens. Heck, the U.S. even dropped its most powerful bomb on the moon, which can be found at  Did NASA really drop a bomb on the moon?


Looking at Iran, we must retrace our steps in history to understand the present. In 1951 the democratically elected leader of Iran nationalized Iran’s Oil industry. In 1953 the U.S. & the British orchestrated a coup d’état in Iran, and Western powers seized control of Iran’s Oil industry; U.S. got 40% of it, the British got the same, and Iran got the remainder. This arrangement stood in place until the 1979 US-backed monarch was overthrown, there was a minor Iranian revolution, and the Iran hostage crisis.

Of course, the Iranian monarch’s son was placed in charge of Iran. Somewhere in the middle of history, there was a famous story about Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, The Scientist Who Sold Nuclear Technology | Outrider a famous scientist who built Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program from a stolen uranium centrifuge design and a network of grey-market suppliers. Dr. Khan also gave Iran, North Korea, and Libya the building blocks they needed to create nuclear weapons but was eventually stopped by the British. Thus, Iran’s nuclear program has been a slow-motion process since the early 1970s.

In 2015, President Obama struck the Iranian JCPOA nuclear deal between Iran and China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, United States, and the European Union. This deal ensured that Iran would limit its stockpile of medium-enriched uranium and centrifuges to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

In 2018, the United States withdrew from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) United States withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, also known as the “Iran nuclear deal” or the “Iran deal” and this resulted in the U.S. issuing sanctions to Iran and this caused disagreements with the American allies who had signed onto the agreement. Time will tell if Iran succeeds with using nuclear technology, or if they blow themself up.

Covid Lockdown

Snap to 2021. The world is under Covid lockdown @ Greg Wycliffe – If Canada Public Health was Honest | Facebook, 90% of the Western World’s population has been vaccinated. Towards the end of September 2021, Evergrande Group, China’s second-largest property developer, began experiencing a default crisis and experts have stated that the company was at risk of running out of money and being unable to pay all its debts, which amounts to US$310 billion @ Evergrande’s plight brings no joy to the man behind its big short | Financial Times (

If we go back, after Lehman’s Brothers meltdown of 2008, China looked to the construction industry as the engine of the economy and encouraged developers to build and the banks funded this development. In 2020, the Chinese government became concerned with the amount of debt and they made the banks clamp down on borrowing and this meant no loans, no buyers, the Chinese developers ran out of cash—a classic case of a housing bubble.

When the dust settled there were 50 to 64 million abandoned apartment buildings and when Evergrande Group defaulted on debts, the Americans found out about this debt, they demanded the Chinese authorities bail out Evergrande but Beijing refused, and those wily Americans countered with some strategic moves.

On September 11, 2021, it was announced that the U.S. pulls missile defenses in Saudi Arabia amid Yemen attacks ( had removed its most advanced Missile Defense System and Patriot Batteries from Saudi Arabia to be based in Australia. Redeployment of the missiles had been rumored for months, in part due to a desire to face what American officials see as the looming “great powers conflict” with China and Russia.

For example, the U.S. wanted out of its twenty-year occupation of Afghanistan which cost up to 2 to 6 Trillion (with interest). Military experts went on to predict U.S. forces would leave Iraq and Syria but this departure would push oil prices to shoot up.

China and Australia

Thus, it made sense for the Americans to redeploy their war machine to Australia to set up direct nuclear capability against China. But why? This region had become a location of geopolitical competition because of the Russian military buildup in the Arctic and around the world, including China–the big powers compete for natural resources as the ice packs melt and recede.

This led the United States to crack a deal with Australia and Britain called AUKUS. According to Defense One, Biden Just Gave France Something More Valuable than a Submarine Contract – Defense One, AUKUS would create an opportunity where European defense would be independent of U.S. oversight, relieving America of some of the burden on the larger defensive nuclear pact and this would allow the Europeans to think, plan, and act more quickly and independently.

This even freed up the Americans to redeploy their forces to Australia. Down under, 20% of the population was vaccinated. Western Australia was the least populated, and did not have severe lockdowns. Eastern Australia was densely populated, in the midst of the strictest lockdown but in Northern Australia was the location of the American military base, where, once again, the U.S. had stationed its advanced Missile Defense System and Patriot batteries which were aimed at Beijing.

Looking back, according to media reports @ Chinese firm operating Darwin port in Australia wins applause from locals – Xinhua | ( in October 2015, the Darwin Port in the Northern Territory, Australia, was leased for 99 years to the Landbridge Group. This private company was based in Rizhao city in eastern China’s Shandong province.

With that in mind, a source told Reuters that Australia not only had to review its 99-year Darwin Port lease but should overhaul its foreign investment laws on national security grounds. To add to their concerns, the WSJ also reported that the Darwin Port, Australia handled ammunition, equipment, and the fuel used by U.S. Marines and the Australian troops who trained with them. Essentially, the U.S. deployed its forces to Northern Australia to safeguard America’s strategic resource access in the Arctic and Australians would lose their freedom of rights to ensure it.

Such US threats of intimidation were expected but still, Beijing never had any intention of bailing out Evergrande Group, China’s Lehman Brothers. It was expected Evergrande Group would default, 305 billion U.S. (1.3 trillion Chinese Yuan) would be lost in China, and this would be the domino that would bring down the 53 trillion in the World’s Government Debt.

If social unrest doesn’t cause the US vs China nuclear military showdown then the Council on Foreign Relations speculated in the media that Taiwan would most likely spark a U.S.-China war, a prospect with dire human consequences. The world media, however, have focused on the French submarine story to obscure the reality of the situation.

Heck, two Vedic Astrologers I occasionally check out on YouTube at Joni Patry – YouTube and Dr. Bairavee, The Sky Priestess – YouTube usually allude to such a conflict set to take place on New Year’s Eve, December 31. I understand, from my limited knowledge, that we live in a very similar time to 2003, when the U.S. invaded Iraq. If this happens, the world will not only have a nuclear winter, a prolonged winter, but those who are infected with Covid, or are fully vaccinated, will drop like flies.

For More Information Just look at

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If one thinks the madness will end hither… A long time ago, I interviewed Psychic Jackie Lewis –  Extraterrestrials, Intuition, Psychics, and Healing – Angie’s Diary. Her books can be found at The Secrets of Reading Tarot Cards and at The Magic of Auras: How to See Auras. See also Religion & Spirituality.

This is how the initial blog posting went:
“Extraterrestrials have been with us since the dawn of time,” her words came back. Ms. Lewis believed that there were several races that interacted with this planet in recent memory. “They are all positive, excluding the lizard race,” she warned. “There are negative lizards, and there are positive lizards,” she added. Ms. Lewis postulated the positive lizards were trying to dry up the food source for the negative lizards by making us less afraid. “Negative lizards feed on fear like a child fears his/her closet.

Monsters Inc. is an example. They feed off of our fear of energy, which are cold waves of energy. The emergency response number would be a feast.” Jackie could not stress it enough that parents should watch what their kids were reading because what the children were reading was closer to the truth.

“Look at Harry Potter and the Twilight Saga. Monsters Inc. is a great example of Goose Bumps,” she exclaimed with a gesture. “Monster’s Inc. is a prime example, though. What the children are reading is closer to the truth than what everyone else can imagine.”

Recently, she added to that conversation by emailing me: “Go look-up on YouTube Reptilian humanoids, apparently, we have agreed on an unconscious level collectively for them, the lizards or reptilian humanoids to help us deal with “fear”, now there are positive lizards that are in unconditional love and they are helping us dry-up the negative lizard’s food source which is fear energy, we give-off cold waves of energy when we are fearful, anxious, worried, insecure, and doubt ourselves. 9.11.2001 was a feast, twin towers, and asbestos dust.

Calm, relaxed, grounded, centered, aware, and more in our conscious mind and subconscious mind and not too much in our intellectual lizard brain. There is a positive fear that galvanizes us to get out of the way of, say, a speeding car and not put our hand on a hot burner.

Question fear. The book “Bringers of the Dawn” by Barbara Marciniak tells the ancient story of how the human race was taken over and our DNA changed, it’s on YouTube also.” She also recommended I view Kryon Explains How The Earth is Being Prepared For Contact With Our Pleiadian Family. I understand we should expect the Pleiadeans to come to earth in 2023, and they will be a friendly species.

Another astrologer who demanded absolute anonymity in the blogosphere also predicted we should expect extraterrestrials to arrive in 2025…and she also observed that I was too horribly eccentric to comprehend it, but that is another story. ….yet, yet, and yet… What happens in the Heavens will happen down below, as the fortunetellers will say. “The faults are not in the stars but within ourselves,” the philosophers would argue.

Quite frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised to witness a nuclear holocaust in my lifetime. We are not a progressive or civilized society. I keep looking at my own experience in life – You Need an IRS Number to Get Paid for Book Sales – Angie’s Diary. In 2007 I published my book Mystery of Everyman’s Way at E Treasures Publishing, and I scored lots of good reviews, it sells all over the internet, and I’ve not yet received a penny for it.

In 2011, I self-published my next book Mack Dunstan’s Inferno through iUniverse, and after five years of blogging, I was told to get an IRS because the second publisher has a revenue-sharing agreement (RSA) with Chapters Indigo and Barnes and Noble in the United States, giving us scribes a chance at earning a living from writing books. On a hunch, I brought my situation to the concern of Chapters Indigo, and this was their response:

Hi Paul,
Thanks for writing, I’m sorry you are having trouble here. Your publisher is responsible for tracking sales and paying royalties. Any books we sell would correspond with purchase orders Indigo sends to the publisher. Regarding eBooks, we do not sell these ourselves, we share book listings from our content partners at Kobo, and they process all sales.
Matthew Price | Customer Relations
468 King Street W. Toronto, ON M5V 1L8

* * *

Tax Evasion

FYI, –this is tantamount to tax evasion because iUniverse, you guessed it, forced me to get an IRS number in hopes of getting paid for book sales. As expected, these big companies don’t pay a penny and pad their bottom line, upping their profits up more and more. Naturally, I took my complaint to YouTube, but the government doesn’t care, nor does big business. As a matter of fact, has anyone ever met a successful businessperson that was enlightened? Or a politician that was issue-driven, not career-oriented?

I keep telling myself that I live in Hogtown Not the Six – Angie’s Diary, but that has become the least of my problems.

Why? Back in 2014, I went through a horrible experience because I was unlucky enough to befriend Mr. B (Meet Mr. B – Angie’s Diary), and I have a story that led to my downfall in 2014:
I can’t remember where I first saw Michael Telstarr. In February 1994, I went to the Toronto Winter Psychic Fair and Expo held at the old CNE Exhibition grounds Canada’s Biggest Psychic Fair and Expo in Toronto on April 08, 2018. On that day, the weather was bitter and cold. As expected at the event were countless psychics, tarot card readers, and clairvoyants, all giving readings, selling their merchandise, or giving lectures.

The Illusionist

Michael Telstarr, the Illusionist was there beside his now-dead mother. He looked like a medium from an old 1930’s film. For a price, he, like all the others, would give you a psychic reading. This Illusionist, however, had many sides. At age seventeen, he was an escape artist, patterning his act off of the Great Harry Houdini. As a matter of fact, one of his performances made it to the front page of the Toronto Sun, where an image of him was captured, dangling from a crane, while he broke free from a straightjacket.

Since the mid-1990s, one could find him on a street corner, or at Dundas Square, with dyed fluorescent hair, levitating from the ground, conducting psychic readings. In 2012, I came across this same character in the Second Cup Cafe which was just north of College Street on Yonge Street. Only then, after years of seeing him about town, I decided to approach him. He quickly consented to do an interview. At this junction, he explained his varied background. “I also do work as a remote viewer for prominent members of the Canadian military,” he would add, cryptically.

During our initial, cafe interview, he showed me the Toronto Sun article where he had been featured. The article named him Mr. X. Thus, this Illusionist always operated under an alias whenever he performed or conducted his business. In between that time, events would conspire, leading our paths to cross, yet once again. In that same year, I went to one of my favorite cafes, Starbucks at Yonge and King Street. On this occasion, I sat down at a table to read a book, like I always do. Without warning, a UFO meet-up group manifested before me.

This unexpected gathering then pushed some tables together, and one by one they introduced themselves as UFO abductees. Then each one of them gave a story to the group of how one experienced such an abduction here in sunny Toronto. Yes, the leader of such a network pulled me under their influence, leading me to receive their monthly newsletter that went on to become a daily social media invite.

Two years would pass. It did not take long for me to join this UFO group for one event, where everyone had agreed to meet at Pickering Beach in Scarborough. It was Friday, June 13, 2014, the last full moon on such a day until 2047. At this location, those attending assembled at a planned healing circle.

Without prior warning, I met the Illusionist, all amongst this group of eclectic/crazy characters from the UFO group. It didn’t take long for me to make him aware that I had successfully filmed a number of YouTube comedy sketches. I was surprised he agreed to star in future creations. In fact, it was his very enthusiasm that motivated others to join in to participate. In July 2014, we filmed two sketches in the 5th-floor Group Study room at the North York Public Library, where I previously filmed a comedy sketch.

After some effort, I had a makeshift Green Screen and a formation of lights. Yes, the Illusionist arrived. Right before we went to camera, he was a bit out of sorts. In fact, he looked agitated and suspiciously around him with an air of apprehension. He claimed he was suffering a bout of drinking from the previous night.

After filming the sketch, I was strangely drained of all my energy. Out of the blue, the Illusionist wanted money but I had nothing to offer him. He also wanted a beer but my state of finances made him grimace before he abruptly parted ways. After he was gone, the remaining group members joined me to film one more comedy sketch.

A few days later, I again met the Illusionist at the Aroma Expresso Bar Cafe located at Bathurst and Bloor. We were in the outside patio section of the establishment. For the record, the Illusionist could always be found on the phone, arguing with a friend in a bad relationship.

“He is letting her control him!” he raved out loud with defiance. Like always, the Illusionist made me aware of some prominent clients he had read. Some were present or past actors. “I even have had clients who are prominent members in the military service,” he continued. “Did you know we are going to have a mini nuclear war?! Why? Too much corruption–that’s why!”

He would always mention such things, possibly hearing from others who frequented such healing circles. “I do fully expect,” he added with emphasis, “that the sun’s solar flares are going to flare up and knock out our electric grid….”
“Everything would be out for a few days,” I added, interrupting him.
“It would be out for a year and a half!” he fired back with all his gusto.

At this interval, I made him aware of my experience with a washed-up rock star Douglas R. G. Pell who I had met, befriended, wasted money to fund his drunken binges, all to get his trust to help him sober up. When the musician was back to his full functional self, however, the celebrity forgot about all the money spent to get his trust and sober. When the Illusionist heard this tale of woe, he mustered up what he called his medium-type advice and encouraged me to contact the disgruntled bass player and demand my money back.

“I guarantee you, man,” he ejaculated, “just ask by phone, text message, or email he and this Rock Star will comply—that I can guarantee!”

With nothing to worry about, I called the former friend up, made my intentions known, and received a quick accusation of extortion. When the Illusionist heard about this reaction, he encouraged me to ignore such a warning and text message my message. “That, or email,” encouraged the smoke and mirrors. Again, without thinking of the consequences, I used my open and flip phone to communicate with the recovering alcoholic, demanding my money back.

That error would grow to haunt me. On July 19, 2014, the police called me, saying they received a complaint. I didn’t believe it because it seemed unreal. The Illusionist then encouraged me to post my complaint on a popular consumer platform.

That I did and I was oblivious to the coming disaster, I then filmed another YouTube comedy sketch which was edited by the Illusionist’s girlfriend. On August 19, the police called me again, warning me to get a lawyer and report to the station house.

My First-Time Arrest

“If you don’t comply,” came the warning,” we will come to get you!” I somehow put this threat out of my mind but by the end of August 2014, the Police showed up outside my door, arresting me. They took me to Toronto Police’s 22 Division which is located at 3699 Bloor St W, Etobicoke, where I met Ron Taverner @ Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police – Wikipedia who authorized my arrest.

I was then fingerprinted, questioned, and transported in a police paddy wagon from the first location to a holding cell nearby. In the morning, they then transported me again by paddy wagon to Old City Hall, where my parents then bailed me out.

It was a first-time arrest, never a brush with the law before. This was a shock that resonated with my family and friends. At first, I was in denial about my situation but then I had to remove any offending article online about this celebrity and what he had done. All through this experience, I pondered the time when I knew the washed-up rock star, and in his drunken state, he made me aware that all celebrities in his circles have private security firms available to protect those in the public eye.

Such firms had employed police officers on the payroll; his security company was Anvil Security. Thus, I can only speculate that this alcoholic called the police who worked out of Anvil Security, and they acted on behalf of a disgruntled client and were dispatched out to arrest me.

Everyone has a second job these days and the police have private security firms, making it a secret police force within a secret police force. It is what it is. When October came, I had a hearing at a courthouse and I learned that the prosecutor wanted me to take a 5-day anger management course and 65 hours of community service at a thrift store. It had to be done, or I would be staring at a serious jail sentence.

After this ordeal, I met the Illusionist and I made him aware of the circumstances. “It is Karmic,” he added, bluntly. I always thought this was a subtle excuse for his own incompetence as a practicing clairvoyant. It took such a painful, embarrassing situation to realize that I had been gullible and easily led by the Illusionist, who had greatly exaggerated his medium-type skills. He belonged in a circus with a bad disguise with a Crystal ball in front of him. I did the five-day anger management program, completed the 65 hours of community service, and a peace bond was signed later in the fall.

Terms of the Peace Bond read as followed: The condition (s) of the above-written recognizance is that the above name accused keeps the peace and is of good behavior for the term of 12 months from November 24 2014 And () Do not have any contact, or communication, directly, or indirectly with Rock Star Mr. B. () Do not be within 100 meters of Rock Star Name, or be anywhere he lives, works, and goes to social or happens to be as known to you. ()

Do not possess any weapon as defined by the Criminal Code of Canada. Not broadcast, disseminate, or publish Rock Star Name or his identity anywhere that members of the public may encounter or read, limited to message boards, blogs, and social media.

It was my first arrest, I learned my lesson, and I had no right to blame anyone but myself for my actions, and I was sorry for my first brush with the law, thankfully. All through this personal and professional embarrassment, my mind would ponder the events that led to such a downward spiral.

I reconnected the events in my mind, conversations, and the dots. It was hard. I remembered the Illusionist at the 1994 Toronto Winter Psychic Fair and Expo who sat down behind a table with his now-dead mother. I also remembered him on different street corners, waiting for the time for his next performance to begin.

My recollection of my conversations with him and others helped complete the picture. “He must have spent a lot of serious time in a penitentiary, some serious time,” said a quondam, female friend who had dated him. “A lot of women dated him,” she recalled, “used him because of his psychic ability. “I, however, was not motivated by his supposed mental abilities. His enthusiasm to be part of a YouTube comedy sketch was my motivation behind working with him.

When I did seek his supposed medium-type abilities, it ended with disaster. I even remembered more conversations. “My father ruined my career,” he told me at the Aroma Expresso, “but I have since forgiven him,” he added with a pause, “I have since forgiven him,” he repeated.
“Is he still alive?”
“No,” came an answer. In another conversation, I recalled more detail. “Why didn’t you go to the United States?”
“I did,” he admitted, “but I was ripped off. I won’t go back there for work because I was not paid.”

When I interview people, I have encountered con artists. They would always play the victim part well, but there was another side of the story. When the Illusionist was young, it was claimed he exhibited paranormal abilities. Through conversations with his on and off puppeteer girlfriend, once again, I learned that this mischievous character had an affinity with Harry Houdini, found the music and films from the ’20s, ’30s, and ’40s, more appealing than contemporary entertainment.

“But Vegas,” she said, “he remembered Vegas in the 1950s like it was yesterday.” The Illusionist claimed friends from the past said he acted like Lou Costello but to me, he resembled more Jackie Gleeson. Perhaps Lou Costello had reincarnated in sunny Toronto?

When I sat down with the Illusionist at the Aroma Expresso Bar Cafe, I confronted him with some serious questions. “You have obviously done serious time in a penitentiary. Haven’t you?” I demanded. With this approach, the man of smoke and mirrors fled without a response. It must be true because he never answered the question.

Fact number 1. When the Illusionist was age 17 his father had him thrown into the Don Jail. Why? His father thought his young son’s paranormal ability was insane, or outright devil worship. Fact. He does live in an R.V. that was purchased by his puppeteer girlfriend who, at that time, allowed him to travel around southern Ontario, conducting psychic readings at small-town fairs. Fact.

The Illusionist even offered proof that he was on the front page of the Toronto Sun after he conducted a show at the CNE. Fact. He has many show names to protect him from being harassed, or stalked by strangers. “My real last name is Godfrey,” he told me once. “My hair,” he would continue,” my hair is fake. It is a toupee!” Some time ago, I read an article in the New York Times, concerning psychic frauds.

In this article, it described some psychics who were being charged with aiding and abetting a felony offense and this led to them being slapped with a 5-to-15-year prison sentence. Yes, such a profession was rife with con artists and charlatan shamans. With that being known, I have pondered that the Illusionist had a very ugly trait—he wanted things the easy way.

Perhaps, he was an impetuous young man, who was a popular entertainer in a previous life in the Golden Age of film. He died young and was born in sunny Toronto, where he exhibited psychic ability. He remembered his past life, alarmed his family members with this knowledge, and this led to conflict. I can only assume that he probably used his abilities to purloin money or valuables from his family.

This led to his parent having him arrested, charged with theft, convicted, and imprisoned for a certain duration, all to teach him a lesson. When he was released, he freelanced as a street performer and eventually became a practicing clairvoyant. He then went stateside, ran afoul of the law, leading to a charge of aiding and abetting a felony. A 5-year jail sentence in a prison was the result.

When he was released, he returned to Canada, once again, to eke out a living as a freelance medium, or as a street performer. His experience was proof that the police arrest anyone and it’s easy to join the ever-burgeoning criminal element. All I can see was a washed-up rocker, calling his private security firm to avoid his responsibilities, much like a delinquent teenager, pretending to be an adult…

FYI, he has done this on more than one occasion too, abusing his authority, resulting in at least two convictions that never made it to the media. Those convictions should be exposed to the media, overturned, and the accused should have their records cleared. But it is what it is. It is best to keep one’s nose clean and walk the straight and narrow line that life offers. That being said, if one comes to sunny Toronto, sees a man levitating at Dundas Square, conducting psychic readings…consider yourself forewarned!

Mr. B

Moving onwards, however, the Rock Star @ Meet Mr. B – Angie’s Diary ( was not done with me. When 2015 came, I had to find work & fast, and to add to my woe when I was searching for work at Woodgreen Community Services at 1533 Victoria Park Ave, Scarborough, from 2015-2018, Mr. B sent Lawyer Robert Holland to spy on me.

For some strange reason Mr. Holland was featured in the Toronto Star at One man’s crusade to warn drivers about ticket traps: Fixer | The Star and every morning the member of the bar would show up. “Another day and another dollar,” Holland would exclaim, slapping his hand on my back (every morning).

The passionate Ticket Fighting Genius would then take a seat in the job-hunting section, immediately click on a computer, fixating himself on his personal financial portfolio which was listed on and he even would make a routine nuisance of himself whenever he asked for printouts from the employment coordinator (which was always).

If that wasn’t bad enough, the solicitor would then brag, claiming his adult son was Mark Holland, a member of parliament for Ajax-Pickering in the Justin Trudeau Government. The Court Jester, um, I mean, Court Officer obviously saw firsthand the horror show of what the jobhunters went through in today’s employment center @ Canada: Gender Identity is Killing the Liberals – Angie’s Diary.

That being known, my sole contribution to that employment coordinator’s life was making him aware of at least two conspiracy websites, disclose. tv and …Yes, it’s Hogtown because it’s a place where they used to slaughter hogs.

Coming full circle, we have never grown. Just read William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, George Orwell’s 1984, Animal Farm, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World @ Life in 2022 (, Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, and Sinclair Lewis’s It Can’t Happen Here, where a woman got elected president of the United States and America became a fascist state. Also, consider reading Arnold Toynbee who is considered essential literature in the elite school curriculum Three O’Clock High (7/10) Movie CLIP – Buddy’s Library Dominos (1987) HD – YouTube.

The Cold War

Remember, President Nixon had a chance to end the Cold War with the USSR in 1971, but he cared more about his political career and his warmonger Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, & presidential advisers were more interested in filling their pockets than in making a difference. As a matter of fact, visualize the White House hiring Henry Kissinger as the plumber/electrician, he did his job but he refused to leave because he knew the nuclear codes (and that happened too!) and no one had the guts to fire him either.

Thus, we’ve never grown. Why even take responsibility for your own troubles when in the end the same people who needlessly dropped the Atom bombs on Japan in WWII were involved in all the horrors of the 20th century, started both Gulf Wars, placed Australia under the grasp of the harshest Covid-19 restrictions because the U.S. has stationed its advanced Missile Defense System and Patriot batteries of which is aimed at Beijing to protect American strategic business interests in the Arctic.

As expected, and will bring the United States to a potential nuclear conflict with China by the end of 2021, including a worldwide internet shutdown.

Blame the Luciferian Death Cult that is alive & well in Washington and in Wall Street. Pick a fight with Amazon & Indigo Books who have earned colossal fortunes but don’t pay a penny to their authors, filmmakers, and musicians. Rage against the British Royals, the United Nations, the Vatican Higher-ups, and Switzerland’s World Economic ForumLizard People Rule the World @ “Weird Al” Yankovic – Foil (Official Video) – YouTube …

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