It Is Time – 2013


It Is Time – 2013

It is the time of year we make predictions or hope for things to happen.  Taking a look back at the past the following are things I believe it is time – something happens, or perhaps is happening – welcome to 2013.  It is the serious side and the funny side of your future.

It Is Time - 2013

Although we elected our President this year, it is already time to start thinking about four years from now, and after listening to Chris Matthews this morning – everyone on the panel said, “Hillary Clinton will run in four years, and win.”

Well, I certainly believe it is time for a strong woman to take over the White House – we are far behind the times, and Hillary not only has shown her expertise in policy for our own Country, but she has gone for four years working diligently for foreign affairs.

If we are going to elect a woman to be our first woman President, it will be Hillary Clinton.  Perhaps this is why she is taking time off from Secretary of State – and her sites are now on the White House.

It is far beyond the time to meet as one House and work for the people.  I believe if the House doesn’t do this in 2013, they will be booted out of office by the people, and if the people don’t see through their politics, it will be them who suffer.

It is time to focus on changes in technology, bring others into this world who you may know and do not work or use a computer.  In no time, people will be lost if they do not keep up with change – there is nothing wrong with change – it will keep our country on the right track, employ more workers, adapt to new devices.  Never complain when something is happening and you don’t know what it is. <S>

It is time for the people to have a voice outside of the election booth – regardless of the technique of choice – we should – be represented in Washington by the ordinary Americans who can speak out for what is happening in and around their city, town, and State.

Far too many elected officials are come to see, come sa… when it comes to telling it like it really is back home.  If you place real people on volunteer status, to meet at the White House as a panel with the President and a member of the House and Senate – the truth be told, and perhaps, those we elected will pay attention.

Americans are growing impatient and the search for solid employment goes on.  Far too many years have gone by with nothing to show for those who left jobs to fight for our country, returned to find a home in foreclosure, and their job filled.

After fighting for the country, and your own life, would you want to work at a fast-food chain?  The unemployment continues for those without a job, giving them the opportunity to seek out a better life, returning to the life they had – is better.  With proper negotiations for the small businesses in this country we can skillfully give back the chance for the unemployed, a political war cannot be the ultimate judge, only those who suffer can speak for their pain.

It is beyond time – to finish helping those in the State of Louisiana and give them back what they lost.  It was unfortunate that the Bush administration had deployed most of the guard to fight overseas, and the progress was slow in the south – but the tides are turning, and these people still have mouths to feed – etc.  Now is the time for the Government to give back to the people and use people’s skills in the building trade.

This would work for the south – and for the northeast; hit by the worst disaster with “Sandy” since the 1933 Hurricane. One Governor of one State, cannot fix the problems, but the Federal Government can employ those who can – as I mentioned above.  Instead of hauling our men and women overseas to fix their countries, it is time we think of ourselves.

It is time that Government is out in the open, at all levels.  We must meet the problems head-on, except and attend to responsibilities – part of promises before the end of the year.  This too – includes the statement above; let the people represent their own problems, and then bring the ideas to the table.  It can be accomplished both at a local level, as well as a national level.

Our own country has many concerns and there are no bells or whistles sounding to move forward.  Take a look at the homeless, this is a local issue since each city has it’s own problems and needs to deal with them as they see fit, but deal with them.

Regarding the rising costs in health care, medication, the influx of patients using the Emergency Rooms, doctors refusing to see Medicare Patients, using the easy way out, “we are no longer accepting new patients.”  Long-term care issues being tossed to the states, it isn’t something some states can handle, it has to be talked about, not demanded of – all of these things need intense conversation and then regulation.

On the lighter side –

It is time the adult homes are more like the “Hard Rock Café” and I propose instead of a bench to sit on, the baby boomers have what looks like a Harley, and if they want to go to a local pub, there is one there – have a drink and socialize with their friends.  Baby boomers are not accustomed, nor do they want to be, to what has been the rule in the past regarding Adult Living.

I believe a change of atmosphere would give those who retire a feeling of living, instead of dwindling away from family and friends.  Keep the music playing, conversations, and companionship.  Don’t turn your back on change – or laugh at possibilities.

Remember, the boomers are sufficiently creative and can make growing older fun – not something dreaded or with what there is available today.  Change makes for more jobs and better lives.

With all the talent in our diversified country, I believe everyone given a special gift should take a little time with others, and share.  Working with another builds a community, and gives confidence to those who need it.  Share your gift with a stranger.

Never go without saying “I love you” to those you love.  For generations, it was difficult for parents to express their feelings, but for us – it becomes easier and more common.  So remember to hug your child today – and throughout the year – sit on their bed and listen to them, don’t brush off the chance to show them you are the best parent in the world.

And, do the same with your significant other – and if that person isn’t aware of your feelings, then get up the nerve and tell them.  The truth is always the corridor of success.

As you can tell I could continue with “It is time,” forever – but I wanted you to read some of the things that could make a difference in our world, town, city, and home.  We are a family of caring individuals without time these days to take a second look.  Perhaps if we give a small block of time to a stranger – listen to the elderly, and help when help is needed, you can say you have done your best – you may not have moved the earth, but you moved the old, and began the new.

So, from me to you – I want to wish all of you the best New Year, and may you find a powdery cloud with golden dust that lands in your path.  Confront the unexpected and believe in yourself – be happy.  My best to all of you, cheers for a wonderful 2013.

  1. Avatar of Robert Politz
    Robert Politz says

    Generous, optimistic and entertaining thoughts Nancy; you shine a light that I wonder how many will stop and see, and think, and give of themselves to others.

    As Robert Frost so aptly stated, “In three words I can sum up all I’ve learned about life; it goes on.” (I love that quote)

    I see a dim future for millions so keep shining your bright light and perhaps, just perhaps, some will stop to smell a rose, read your written words and smile a little bit more.

  2. Avatar of Nancy Duci Denofio
    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    You are right, how many? And your quote by Robert Frost can’t be any clearer. We cannot let the lights go out. I thank you for your input Robert, and continue to help those who are not aware of circumstances, as you with the truth about coverage by medicare, regarding the elderly and specialized medicine. Thank you for sharing this. Sincerely, Nancy

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