In These Times – March 2022


In These Times - March 2022

In These Times – March 2022

How Did Life Begin? Today, we are so close to having the first black immigrant Justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson. Congratulations for hard work and braving the ‘can do’ spirit that America loves. So many have rejected their potential by saying the ‘can’t do attitude cause I’m black.’

This is so exciting. We need to pass pro-choice and other women’s issues. Of course, Republicans won’t touch it. They want to control a woman’s body but won’t see to it that men pay for child support or go to jail if they refuse.

On this date, half of all Americans aged 65 and up have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says. Who can forget March 6, 2021? Or January 6th, 2021?

On January 6th, 2021, a mob attack attempted to shut down the certification of electoral votes at the United States Capitol Building.

The first guilty plea for conspiracy has been made. Learn more about what happened. Leader of Alabama Chapter of Oath Keepers Pleads Guilty to Seditious Conspiracy.

Why isn’t Trump in jail? Any other man would be. How can he possibly run again for President in 2024 with his insurrection instincts?

Women have been celebrated through the ages but too quietly for most to notice.

Below is a popular Creation Story by the Iroquois. Long, long ago, the Iroquois tells us about a single pregnant female who created Earth. This myth is like that of the Virgin Mary who birthed Jesus Christ.

Sky Woman & Turtle

Iroquois myths and legends were an important way for customs, beliefs, and histories to be passed down orally through the generations. It is believed the Sky Woman fell with her unborn child through a hole in the sky. Her pockets were filled with seeds from her Sky World. They all landed on a turtle’s back.

A Muskrat in the myth wasn’t as important as Sky, but she told him to dive to the bottom of the ocean and bring back the richest soil he could find. The Muskrat dove to the bottom of the ocean and brought her fresh rich soil.

She was so happy, she danced and danced while spreading the seeds from the Sky World onto the turtle’s back. They grew and grew, as did the amount of earth that became their home called North America. Her child was the firstborn in North America, a lovely immigrant.

So, we humans are not at the top of the hierarchy of beings and never have been. Even plants have been here far longer than we, and can literally survive with just sunlight and air, unlike us humans. ”

We need to remember to cherish the Earth, says the Iroquois and most caring mortals. Most of us also need water to live and thrive, however, pollution and waste is killing our aquatic friends and not everybody, unfortunately, believes in Global Warming.

This is not the end but the beginning for Sky Woman’s Notoriety. She became the symbol of our very own Statue of Liberty and Freedom. She is now a bronzed- female figure with long, flowing hair. She is wearing a helmet with a crest sculpted of an eagle’s head and feathers standing tall at the top of the Capital.

“The Statue of Freedom’s crested helmet and sword, suggests she is prepared to protect the nation, are more commonly associated with Minerva or Bellona, Roman goddesses of war. The history of the statue’s design explains why she wears a helmet rather than a liberty cap. The story of her casting reveals that some of the people who worked to create Freedom were not free themselves.

It was sent to Secretary of War, Jefferson Davis, who was in charge of the overall construction at the Capitol. Davis objected to the liberty cap, the symbol of freed slaves, because “its history renders it inappropriate to a people who were born free and should not be enslaved.”

In response, Crawford designed a crested version of a Roman helmet, “the crest of which is composed of an eagle’s head and a bold arrangement of feathers, suggested by Indian tribes.” This third design was approved by Jefferson Davis in April 1856.

What does an Eagle signify?

  • It signifies inspiration, release from bondage, victory, longevity, speed, pride, father, and royalty; it is often an emblem for powerful nations. The Roman, French, Austrian, German, and American peoples have all adopted this image as their symbol.
  • The spiritual meaning of seeing an Eagle is associated with rebirth, new beginnings, and the coming of spring. New beginnings, perseverance, and endurance.

In these times 2022, who would guess, Russia would ruin its good standing in the world, economically, spiritually, and fatally by declaring war on its neighbor next door, Ukraine. One unknown soldier actually said on the first day of this war, “I don’t know who to shoot, they all look like us.” Putin is power-hungry.

Bless the Ukraine men and women, and even young boys over 15 who had to put down their computers and games, and pick up guns to protect their land from their own neighbor, Russia. What a wonderful community the Ukrainians have built, all alone, defending their freedom as an independent nation. The buildings were beautiful. Such a waste to blow up. Perhaps, Putin is jealous he can do no better.

Nobody wants World War III; however, I hope NATO will protect Ukraine with a No-Fly Zone or at least provide ships to take down Russia’s long-fly missiles. I doubt even this would stop him, but he does seem to be weakening his resolve with 10,000 of his warriors dead and his intimidating machinery, laying in disarray all over Ukraine. It seems kind of comical, but war is not funny.

How will life begin again for the many displaced Ukrainians?

Many will face life without jobs, food, hometown, fathers, grandparents, and or mothers. What a nightmare. I hope Putin and his warriors are overrun by nightmare machinery.

Today, the Americans are sending a batch of 100 somewhat different portable weapons. You don’t need a specific target. Rather, you fly them where it will benefit you most. Perhaps, these new loitering munitions should be called America’s Munition Eagles. They are coming for you, Putin.

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