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In These Times July 2022

In These Times July 2022

In These Times July 2022

The fist bump was heard around the world when President Biden visited Saudi Arabia.

Why he’s being criticized for fist bumping with the Saudi Prince is beyond my thoughts on the matter. After Jamal Khashoggi was served up as a shredded artifact and carried off in a valise, few and/or none would test the theory that Saudi Arabia was now welcoming visitors from America.

President Biden should be praised for his courage and forethought to meet the Saudi Prince and discuss gas and oil on America’s behalf. It looked to me that the fist bump was planned ahead of time. It was not a handshake between friends but a meeting of vastly different and controversial minds.

Furthermore, bumping fists has a negative bro-stigma attached to them. New research now shows how fist bumping could save lives. Who would want to greet the Saudi  Prince with a handshake and bring back to America “Saudi germs? The COVID-19 disease remains a challenge to be tackled.

A lot of lives have been saved by getting early vaccine shots. Do not try to outrun Covid. It is everywhere, and it intends to maim and kill. Get your boosters as quickly as possible.

A lot of lives have been saved by getting early boosters. Do not try to outrun or hide from Covid. It is a social bug with intentions to maim and kill. Instead, get your boosters as quickly as possible.

After 244 years of independence, the United States finally elected its first-ever female Vice President, Kamala Harris. In addition, the Democratic Party candidate secured a win against the Republican candidate.

Apr 07, 2022, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was confirmed to Supreme Court.

True bravery is when there is very little chance of winning, but you keep fighting.

We must be brave as President Biden, persistent as Pamela Harris, and accomplished as Ketanji Brown Jackson to walk in their shoes. This 51-year-old is the first Black woman to serve in the country’s top court in its more than 230-year history. Jackson succeeds Justice Stephen G. Breyer, 83, who announced earlier this year that he would retire at the end of the court’s session this summer.

I am grateful for the chipping away of boulders hindering black and white women to Congress and the Supreme Court. Their presence will assist other women who come after them. Most mothers want their daughters and sons to climb up the ladder of potential as quickly and as easily as possible.

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