Holy Famine in the USA

Holy Famine in the USA
President Lyndon B. Johnson, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Rosa Parks at the signing of the Voting Rights Act on August 6, 1965

Holy Famine in the USA

Bad morals lay heavy upon our land.

Entertainment media screams our sins.

The poor cry for bread while the rich discard it.

Drugged addicts freely move among our people, thinking they know well when they know little.

Companionship of the many is bitter, unions of love and beauty gone from here.

Prisons swell with the depraved, lawbreakers.

In their anguish, they torture each other.

Children grow older but are not raised well, suffocating in our unholy land.

These will not grow capable of leading unless the good vote well, take back our land.

Then, action of the many good people will come to our land bringing a new dawn.

Please be registered to vote in all upcoming primaries and elections. Our 2016 race for the Presidency of the United States of America I believe is the most important Presidential Election of my long lifetime.

Please cast your one vote and make all the one votes of all eligible Americans count.
Thank you. Thank you very much.

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