Forty Years without a Congress Dominated by GOP


Forty Years without a Congress Dominated by GOP

Within the framework of this article, I want the reader to understand the GOP had no control in Congress for forty years, and swept back into control in the ’90s, only to find themselves testifying in front of their own kind because of government fraud. 

Think hard about this when it comes to all the matters of importance we will be facing beginning January 2013, if you thought we have it bad today, what about tomorrow?

Forty Years without a Congress Dominated by GOP

The GOP “Grand Old Party” known as the Rep., took back Congress in the ’90s after forty years of losing seats.  We went from bad to better during those years… and now we face a new battle – all shapes and sizes, springing from every angle, and needing adjustment, change, and the GOP is not a party of change.

When they did regain control of Congress so did certain members of Congress set up rackets, money, to do away with Government Regulations and rules.  This is an article to refresh the memory of those who never paid attention to the past.

Every city, town, or roadside, may have vulnerable paths; including gunfire on streets, public places, violence in the home concerning both adults and children – so it is time the peoples’ voice reaches Congress – and once I reviewed history the reasons for the peoples’ voice became clear.

America is its’ own enemy. Can Congress change what is out of control or will they simply let it slide, as they have in the past, concentrating on their own self-worth – which occurred when the GOP took over Congress after forty years, and we have not been the same since the public came second.

What about Congress – when you ask a question you hope to get some attention. Today we are concerned about protecting the people – we were concerned yesterday, last year, ten years ago, and so on.

Is Congress all about money and let the Government die – looking back, it took forty years for the GOP to control Congress, and Tom Delay was their moneyman? The up-and-coming new Congress first met at some of the best colleges, and began a GOP group to kill regulations and rules in Washington.

I would like to back up these statements with proof – people tend to forget with busy lives, about the non-profit, Christian Coalition with Ralph Reed and Newt Gingrich were plotting, and the C.C. had over one hundred million dollars.  Tom Delay had to be convinced so in comes Jack the lobbyist, who would be known as the best lobbyist in D.C.  Congress after a long stretch is attacking its’ own people.  Remembering what happened, Newt Gingrich had the nerve to run for President.

If I back up a little, Tom Delay was an exterminator – in real life, he owned his own business and when the Government found out DDT was poison, and forced to stop using it.  At that time Delay was determined to eliminate every rule or regulation he could find, he said, “Americans feel they have been bombarded with regulations.”

Those I am speaking of, above, were a group of students in various colleges who formed their own organization during the Reagan years, after the years of love, peace, and not war, came Young Americans for Freedom, to do away with rules and regulations in Government, the first part of the plan was set.

Remember in the 80’s when Reagan stated, “Government is the problem.”  We once believed in politics and compromise, but today, we seldom hear of one party siding with another.  Big issues are on the plate, and still they don’t budge because of their connections, the lobbyist – still roam the halls of Congress like a ghost,

Remember when Newt was in charge of Congress – his belief was the same as those students in the 80’s, to do away with Government. Remember the GOP did not control Congress for forty years, and with democratic control the country was stable, people were working, costs down for the average family, but look at it today.  The plans were set for what would be a Conservative Revolution.

Now think back to the money Ralph Reed had from the Christian Coalition, a group which Newt supported, as he stated, “no one in this country should have unmarried sex, but what about Newt, was he null and void of the rules?

The group was against gambling and abortion, the grassroots was Pat Robertson.  Within a few weeks, rules were words on paper as Tom Delay and friends used all the power to rake in money from a free market, then gambling rackets; catering to lobbyists who could get the most cash.

They used an Island to import workers, pay them a dollar an hour, but first, these immigrants had to pay a debt to the factory owner, sometimes six thousand dollars, so they all were working for free, and the women ended up prostitutes.  All of this was organized by Jack, as the money poured in.

The law states there is not to be a connection between the two – members of Congress and lobbyists, but Jack entertained the prime members who were against his plans, no matter if it was on the island, or shutting down Indian Casinos, so the one who donated the most money was kept alive.  All these statements are public records.  Each man was using the other to gain money. Congress spends more time on the phone trying to raise money then they do reading the bills.

Tom Delay, the money man for the GOP Congress, the first time in forty years, wanted to do away with the Department of Education, HUD – EPA – The National Endowment for the Arts.

At the time he refocused on his new goal to abolish all limits on raising and spending campaign money.  Delay said, “We spend more money on potato chips than we do on elections.”

Do you want to hear that one again?

Delay began P.A.C. Political Action Committees, few restrictions on raising and spending money.  Now the U.S. is spending more money for the GOP, War, Guns, and less for the needy.

Delay was one of the Congressmen who flew off to an American territory the Northern Mariana Islands, where cheap Asian Labor and without American Laws for free markets without regulations was taking place, via Jack.  The island Delay said, “Has high alcoholism, divorce rate, dependent on the government, drug use, and it was a disaster.

Therefore, the P.A.C. exploited loopholes, imported foreign workers, and paid a dollar an hour, but none of the employees ever was paid, they had to pay off the debt, some paying six thousand dollars to enter the island, thinking they were going to earn at least one thousand dollars a month.  They wanted out but had nothing, no way to get home.

They were actually the P.A.C. prisoners.  Delay told the press it was attractive for those immigrants who made more money then they did back home.

Some children tried running because of abuse and rape by the men in charge, while women, chained to sewing machines, and if pregnant – woman were forced into having abortions.  Another important factor – their passports were taken on arrival to the Island.

Does this sound Christian to you?

In America human rights groups began to travel to the island, posing as a new business partner and talking with workers with hidden cameras.  The groups filed lawsuits, labor fines, and an attempt by Congressman George Miller to bring the Island under Federal control.  But Jack protected his investment, he wanted no control by the government.

Jack turned the island into a tourist attraction so when a Congressman came to the island they only saw the positive.  Those concerned on arrival were now staying in five-star hotels, playing golf on five championship golf courses, enjoying dinner at lavish five-star restaurants, and drinking at fancy clubs.  The people of congress kept arriving and returning to agree with Delay.

One interesting fact, those Congressmen who agreed to take a tour of the island received huge contributions from factory owners.

When Congressman Miller agreed to check out the island, he made sure to speak with the workers, and one asked him if he would buy his kidney?  He needed money to go home.

It is a fact, Tom Delay and the largest factory owner – Willie Tan – had many conversations, and Delay told Tan not to worry, as long as he was in power.   Delay would not let others break up a good thing.  Then Congressman Miller tried to change what was happening but Tom Delay stopped the bill, no one was going to break up the flow of money from the island.

Jack lost his job as a lobbyist when his contact lost the next election but Ed Buckham worked with Delay to fix a local election so Jack had his job back.  One of the promises, a client from Delay’s District got an energy contract.

The racket game with immigrants, came to a close but Jack continued –  in 1988 he began controlling the Indian gaming industry and President Bush Senior approved.  President Bush hired the law firm of Greenberg and Traurig to handle Casino Regulation – the same law firm that handled the recount for the Presidential election concerning George W. and Gore.

Now to stay open the Indian tribes began contributing huge sums of money to the congressmen/women – even Ralph Reed with hundreds of millions of dollars, cashed out of the Christian Coalition to become a partner with Jack.  They worked with one tribe, shut down another – note:  a tape is available – Jack talking to Reed about the Christian Conservatives focused on the enemy, they wanted total control without any government involved.

At the same time Reed speaks to the American people about his belief in anti-gambling while he is getting large sums of money to shut down some sites, and make others larger.  If the tribe refused to pay upfront – the doors to their casino were closed.  Jack won, and the Indians lost. Note:  If any Indian Nation gave to a democratic candidate, the casino would be closed immediately.

Now information given to the Washington Post and an investigation began that would end up in front of a Senate Committee. Scanlon worked for Delay on the hill and several tapes have him saying things, one statement, “They could prevent someone from being elected for twenty million dollars.  Money has always been the GOP root of evil.  Now you can understand why it is difficult for them to help the unfortunate when they are not satisfied with what they have.

Jack continued plans with the country of Malaysia.  The government of Malaysia gave one million dollars to see President Bush, set up by Susan Rolston under Carl Rouge.

The investigation learned Scanlon billed Indians, within three years, 82 million dollars.– which benefited Jack and Scanlon.  An interesting fact, Indian tribes who invested money to a democrat candidate, had their casino closed.

The rackets did not stop at the Indians, it was now Jacks’ need and want to own the fleet of casino boats called the Sun Cruz, out of Fort Lauderdale.   The owner did not want to sell, and he received a fake wire transfer, and later was gunned down and killed in Fort Lauderdale.

These men were the bright young people from the best colleges which started the group known as Young Americans for Freedom, for the GOP.

So we wonder with GOP in charge of Congress, will they be looking out for the people or themselves?

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