England – The Not So Caring Society in the 21st Century


If you live here in England and are in any way afflicted by physical or mental health issues, then you are sooner or later bound to be targeted by our present ultra right-wing government.

They promised not to interfere with our hospitals and the National Health System and yet they are doing their level best to destroy it.


This week letters are being sent out to the one sector of our society who are the most vulnerable, those who through no fault of their own are physically or mentally unable to work.

The letter each of them will receive will demand they attend an assessment to determine if they are able to work. This assessment will be carried out by a privately run company who receive a payment for each person they claim are fit on behalf of the government, not by the victim’s own GP who knows them best.

The minister in charge of this latest cowardly attack on the sick and vulnerable has gone on record as saying that this exercise is not designed to force people back to work, but merely to reassess everyone to enable those who are fit to return to work.

What he and his colleagues in government either fail to realize, or are simply unable to appreciate is that for the vast majority of the target group – the tiny minority of physically and mentally incapacitated individuals involved, having to comply with this latest attack against them will only result in yet more unnecessary stress in their already limited lives.

A physical examination on its own will not determine a person’s health. Being able to use your hands, does not necessarily mean you are able to work. Neither does being able to walk two or three steps unaided on a flat surface mean you are able to work. Plus, being able to lift your leg up while laying down on an examination table does not mean you are able to work.

Will there be any form of test for those of us who suffer from depression in all its many forms – I seriously doubt it! What about those of us who like me never leave our homes because we are physically and/or mentally unable to do so? Will the assessment team come to us – NO!

By writing this article from the safety of my home, my sanctuary, does this mean that I am therefore capable of finding a job in my sixty-third year? It seems it does in the eyes of the Nazi’s currently running the country.

Whatever happened to the so-called caring society I wonder?

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